Match Report: Chelsea 5 – Leicester 2

This match report is bought to us by 10 year old Jack.

Jack, like his school mates, suffers from autism but goes to see his beloved Chelsea whenever he can, his teacher, Gill Reeves (our regular match reporter) does a stirling job with these youngsters and we thank her for the time and attention she gives to these children.

Here is Jack’s report………………….(Ed)


Hello everyone,

My name is Jack and Sunday this was another exciting day when I went to see Chelsea play Leicester team at Stamford Bridge. This was the FA cup and I will tell you about it.

I went with Teacher Gill and Kent Blues Graeme but before the game even started there were surprise things. We went to the Chelsea Megastore and I spent my special money. I bought a Chelsea bottle and Kent Blue’s Graeme said this will be very good for when I play football with my friends at school because you need to drink lots of water like the real football players do.

We went and look around all the big Stamford Bridge stadium and a car came and inside was Salomon Kalou and he is number 21 for Chelsea and he said “hello” to some people and Kent Blues Graeme said could I stand next to him for a picture and Salomon Kalou said “yes”

I like it most inside Stamford Bridge because there is X box to play on but then Teacher Gill said “look who is here” and you will not guess what because Super Frankie Lampard came to see us!!  I stand next to Super Frankie to have my picture taken with my big smiley face and it was the best thing ever happened because I know it is a secret that Teacher Gill loves him.

This next part is about the game and it was good news because really really fast Chelsea got a goal and it was number 24 Gary Cahill and he is a new player for Chelsea so Kent Blues Graeme said this was a very special goal and then Chelsea got another goal and it was number 21 Salomon and then we all did shouty voices for the next bit which is KALOU! So Kent Blues Graeme and me jumped around with our Kent Blues flag and did some high fives.

Sometimes the Chelsea players went to get drinks from like the bottle I bought with my special money and Roberto who is the new Manager said things to them like what to do but he didn’t run and jump around and flap his arms a lot like Andre used to do and I think that Roberto is calm like Dermot is.

Now guess what is the best most important bit for what happened to player Fernando Torres number 9 because HE SCORED ONE GOAL AND THEN ANOTHER GOAL!!  Fernando ran all around some of the Leicester players and everyone got standing up to see and hope hope hope that he would do it and when he did Teacher Gill said it was VERY, VERY special. I did my shouty voice “Torres Torres” and everyone else did it to so it was very loud noisy.

A bit of worrying thing was when Leicester team got 2 goals, but Kent Blues Graeme said it will be alright because they would not get as many as Chelsea because then ANOTHER  player number 15 Meireles he scored number 5 goal but my favourite one was Torres.

Then I have some even more exciting things to tell to you after the game had finished because Teacher Gill said we could go and meet some more of the Chelsea players not everyone but lots of them. There was number 15 Malouda number 4 David Luiz number 16 Meireles number 12 John Obi Mikel and they signed my Chelsea top. Then number 2 Branislav Ivanovic and number 24 Gary Cahill and then bestest off all was number 9 Fernando Torres! and I gave Fernando a birthday card from the Kent Blues because it is his birthday on Tuesday so I had my best smiley face on when I could have a picture with him and Kent Blues Graeme.

After we went to McDonalds and I had Big Mac meal and Kit Kat McFlurry with Teacher Gill and Kent Blues Graeme.

Yesterday I took my pictures to school to show and tell and I wrote about Chelsea win and players and I got a gold work merit for my English book.

By Jack Warren – Chelsea True Blue Junior – age 10

Stats from the BBC website:


• 01 Cech
• 02 Ivanovic (David Luiz – 76′ )
• 17 Bosingwa
• 24 Cahill
• 34 Bertrand
• 12 Mikel
• 16 Meireles
• 09 Torres
• 10 Mata (Malouda – 46′ )
• 21 Kalou (Essien – 63′ )
• 23 Sturridge


• 40 Hilario
• 04 David Luiz
• 19 Ferreira
• 05 Essien
• 08 Lampard
• 15 Malouda
• 11 Drogba

Leicester City

• 01 Schmeichel
• 03 Konchesky
• 06 Bamba
• 12 St Ledger (Schlupp – 63′ )
• 26 Morgan
• 11 Dyer
• 19 Wellens (Marshall – 83′ )
• 23 Danns
• 07 Gallagher (Peltier – 43′ )
• 20 Beckford
• 35 Nugent


• 31 Smith
• 02 Peltier
• 30 Kennedy
• 27 Schlupp
• 37 Hopper
• 09 Howard
• 22 Marshall

Ref: Probert

Att: 38,276

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5 thoughts on “Match Report: Chelsea 5 – Leicester 2

  • Great report Jack. I really feel like I was there with you. Most of all I like the bit about your smiley face and Teacher Gill’s secret love.

  • Good report Jack – glad you enjoyed it. I was one of many noisy travelling Leicester fans and enjoyed my day out. It was a good, professional performance from Chelsea. We were all pleased to at least see a couple of goals, despite some pretty rotten defending. All the best for the rest of the season to Chelsea – and to you Jack.

    • Thanks for your comments James and pleased you had a good day all bar the result – Ed

  • Actually it’s no secret really Jack!!
    and I am so very proud of you :0)

  • Voltaire

    Great read young Jack, I look forward to you next report.

    Delighted you had a fantastic day, I’m sure you will see many many more of them.

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