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Chelsea Fans Forum Meeting

FANS FORUM MEETING – 13th May 2012

The last Fans Forum meeting of this season will be held before the Blackburn  home game on the 13th May.

On the agenda –

* Fans Survey Results

* 188Bet

* Club Media

* Supporter Communication/Forum

If you have a question that does not relate to any of the agenda items, this can still be raised on your behalf under AOB should time allow. Anything under AOB needs to be mailed to the club in advance of the meeting so please get your questions to us asap please.

So get your Fans Forum issues to us you can either e-mail here

Or contact us via twitter at @CSG2005

Or simply leave as a comment at the bottom of this article

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10 thoughts on “Chelsea Fans Forum Meeting

  • Uwabuofu Chidi

    I want to you for creating this avenue for us ( southern nigerians ) to air our views parterning to our dear club,chelsea fc. We are most satisfied with the recent revolution that resulted to a pragmatic change. What we want to suggest that robert di-matteo should be given chance to manage the team on a permanent basis regardless of what will happen at the end of the season as we have seen him possess the true qualities of a good coach. We are also pleading to gain full membership as we are not recognized. Thank you.

  • Wasiu olamilekan

    I surport fans 2 talk 2 abramovic 2 give dimattio d job he can do it better

  • Well, top of my agenda would be to address the shambles of our box office and ticketing arrangements for our final. ST holders with 130+ points being put alongside those with just 82 in what is innevitably going to be an all out scramble for the cheaper end tickets. How difficult would it have been to space it out? I know some very angry people this afternoon

    • Well done Chelsea……….once again you spend an age getting the ticket info together and still manage to shaft your loyal supporters!
      My grannie nearly has 82 loyalty points and she’s dead!
      But hey, as long as your nice little earner from Thomas Cook get all their seats filled with punters who will have enough points to get a match ticket then I guess that’s OK!
      Meanwhile the rest of us, some who go to every domestic game, are left to fight the queue and the waiting area (that is of course if the system doesn’t crash with hundreds, if not thousands, trying to buy at the same time!) to get the scraps that are left!
      I really hope I’m wrong!?
      Buck and Gourlay, you should be ashamed with yourselves (again)

  • Odoom Derrick

    I’m very greatful to you for given me this platform to air my opinions.
    To begin with my opinions, I would like to say a big thank you to the entire team, the technical team and the management for the wonderful work done this season and wish that you continue with the good work next season.
    Below are some suggestions that I think when considered could help us achieve our targets next season:
    1. Permanently assigning RDM as the head coach.
    2. Giving the youth team the needed attention by promoting players.
    3. finding a way to deal with aged in our team.
    4. be very keen with the players we sign in this summer transfer.
    5. the fans who are priviledge to be @ the venues of our matches must do well to showcase our colours. thanks for your co-operation.


    Id like to have some comment from the CSG re the stadiums future, Im afraid that their inexplicable refusal to make any comment at all on such a massive issue, especially after they camapigned so heavily for a no vote is now looking at the very least suspicious

    • Yes we initially campaigned for a No vote as there was not enough information given out and we were uncomfortable with the clubs “assurances” at the time. The CSG’s position remains the same, ideally, if Stamford Bridge can be expanded, we would prefer to remain there. If it cannot, then we accept that the club would have to move – that said, the site would have to be a West/South-West site ideally within a 3 mile radius of the Bridge and hopefully (all) supporters will be consulted


        Your wish has been granted!

        We have put in a bid for BPS – surely something which all true fans can get behind now – fantastic news!

        CSG has to show some leadership now that the codswallop about us moving to milton keynes etc has been shown to be so – well codswallop

        over the moon 🙂

  • Fair Ticket Allocation to Members

    Now that both home and away games attract loyalty points I would like to propose that the club remove the unfair policy of allowing Season Ticket holders first stab at tickets for big matches including finals. A loyalty point is a loyalty point and the big games should attract the most loyal of supporters whether they are members or season ticket holders.I’m not interested in the ‘they pay their money up front’ argument because its entirely irrelevant as income is income wherever it comes from – the interest from the money in the bank for a few weeks/months is hardly worth writing home about today. I accept this is controversial but its fair to all.

  • Reserve games are currently played at Cobham and are closed to the general public. Can the club provide answers to as to why they have chosen these arrangements and consider moving these fixtures back into the public arena.

    These matches provide a way for fans, particularly younger ones, who cannot attend SB, to see Chelsea play, and my experience is that there is usually a good turnout. Surely these provide the ideal opportunity to engender a connection with the entire club, particularly with the opportunity to see potential stars of the future in action.

    I believe all the other PL clubs make reserve fixtures available to the general public. Using a smaller club’s ground for this (e.g. Arsenal at Barnet) also provides benefit to the wider football community.

    It should also be noted that free entry to reserve games was one of the ST ‘perks’.

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