Heroes And Villains

One of the few final days where we had nothing really to play for other than to try out a few players just in case our first choice options are not available the Champions League Final these appeared to be a success, but then lets remember it was Blackburn, and lifting yourself after relegation is not easy matter, as I still remember from years gone bye.

I’m buoyed a bit to know that Bayern got stuffed by Dortmund in the German Cup Final, but in all truth Dortmund had been much better than anyone else all season, and confidence can be a fickle friend.

Its been a strange sort of season, one in which I never really thought we would challenge for the title for obvious reasons, but I had hoped that even in transition we would be better than 6th. For us it went wrong big time on a far to consistent basis, fickle friend is confidence, early season strange events and scores are not too uncommon, you often find a freak result or two before things begin to settle down.

It was one hell of a gamble give a relative youngster the reigns of an established senior squad which has been in need of an overall for several season even if his CV suggested he was a great potential. The actual result went badly wrong, and some players actually did not believe in the project (hardly surprising when they knew they weren’t really involved).

The most disappointing aspect was the influence of the officials. We are used to the odd clanger and even the odd game of farcical events, that’s not uncommon we’ve had more than our fair share of those over the past 10 years, but never on such a consistent basis, week after week and not just us, it was throughout the whole Premier League. Not only were mistakes being made, but the same ones week after week.

I have strong feelings that the officials have manufactured and influenced the league positions more than ever, however I don’t feel that it made much difference to us as we were generally poor for much of the season, we would not have made the top 3 even in a balanced season. These things do not even themselves out over a season, it just does not happen, that is a scientific fact, there is such a thing as good and bad luck.

Can we nail just one obvious faux par with officials, can we now ensure that what ever team the officials support, they can not officiate their games or games that can influence their favoured clubs.

Now I’m not directly stating that any official has done a foul deed, though there are some suspect penalties that do come to mind. This action would take out all reasonable doubt about bias, simple easy and then everyone is above reproach, with today’s technology and the vast number of officials in the game it must be very simple. So if the current incumbents can’t do it, then allow a group who can.

Technology has its part to play and I really can’t see why all the resistance to change, getting things right should be the main objective, delaying that shows an inability to not just accept change for the best but show maybe there is forces of darkness being encouraged to tamper with our national game for their own means. Goal line technology is essential we’ve seen to many ghost goals, we got one in the Semi-final, it actually galvanised a then beaten Tottenham to score, but then we ran away with it again, so the hollow shouts of foul play were pointless, if we had called it a day at 70 minutes Tottenham would have a cause of complaint.

The FA Cup was belittled by its own organisers, playing it at after 5pm on the same day as other matches was stupid. The FA Cup Final is the closing event of the season, simple to organise in this day of amazing computer fixture programs.

Inviting disgraced ex-officials for entertainment value, poor planning on match days, as little help given to its own national clubs as possible on extra rest days for European competitions, the farce of training facilities for the Euro 2012 championships, the farce of location of training camps so far from the match locations, the funding of foreign clubs facilities when so many at home need help, the farce of the manufactured sacking of an England manager, which included a previous farce of crazy wages and a crazy contract length, then the complete farce, and public double talk in getting a new manager.

Just so many simple things that the FA got badly wrong, so called educated men with good organisational skills, don’t make me laugh, a bunch of twats on a jolly and they must be accountable as any player or manger of bringing our game into disrepute!

Briefly on the subject of confidence, I watched 4 games which actually affected our confidence in a negative way, because of poor officials making poor decisions. It can be solved by having a panel of 3 auditors watching the game in the stand with the used of TV action replays, it can take away potential difficult decisions for unsighted officials, and remove all doubt on some aspects of contention (balls over the line, penalty claims, violent or dangerous play) this will free up the official just to manage the game. Decision can be done quickly, and with the aim of getting the decision right.

It does not mean stopping the game at all, it will continue until a review is complete. In many cases the game would have stopped anyway.

Anyway down to the final day spectacle, our game was a meaningless affaire as previously stated, I watched Man City’s attempt at a first Premier Title, The QPR busses were out in force, no complaints one does what one thinks the best chance of getting a result, City just kept pumping aerial balls in the box, which is food and drink for a team that can head a ball. Obvious nerves for City not being experienced in this situation as they were in the Champions League, it takes time to settle into that game and mind set.

Two very good away goals set up an amazing finish, and many congratulations to any suffering City fan, more so by the wiping of the smug Man Utd fans at Sunderland, a MasterCard moment… PRICELESS. Their own players caused them more problems than many other teams did. Sorry for Bolton, they will be missed.

Football’s Twats: The obvious Barton, history of being a complete tool and thug, we need players like this like we need petrol price increases, a disgrace to football. We can add Tevez as well a clear violent conduct charge on top of being a poor example for our youngsters as a player, skilful and talented but with a ego that is disruptive and selfish, hopeful an exit door awaits. The vast majority of the football media, who try and make drama’s out of everything, and actually court trouble and cause mischief amongst clubs and players by often peddling false information and lies.

Foy as an official QPR’s player of the year (previously stated elsewhere).

BBC website coverage is the worst over the internet, many times been left wondering what is going on, they have become the talk sport of cyberspace, over dramatic, with comments coming from only heads of departments loved up on their own titles and self importance. ITV’s quality coverage, its just not happening, please replace most commentators with ones that can show a non bias.

Lastly Robbie has done a fine job, we recovered much from a season which looked like it was over in March. There have been some monumental performances since and hopefully one still to come. We produced many games of whole hearted desire and more than one game of grit, determination, and the will not to lose, in par with any seen in the previous 50 or so years.

A fantastic Fa Cup Semi-final victory over Tottenham, a great Fa Cup final win for our seventh, and to boot another Champions League Final, what ever happens in Munich its been amazing final few weeks, on the edge of immortality for players and manager, we can only hope for just one more miracle. However that will not get Robbie the full time job next season. It was a requirement of 4th in the league and maybe just as important the now essential overall of the playing staff.

Robbie has done the impossible, and will have done his profile no harm what so ever, but even if we win in Munich I don’t think the club feel he’s the man to rebuild the team.

Just one more last hoorah for this squad please, as old father time is waiting on the touch line with his substitute numbers board ready.

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  • You are not wrong in your comments about officals influencing games. Just take a read of this website… and tell me the PGMOB and Scudamore World are impartial… I have nothing to do with the website or authors, just find it a fascinating read everyweek.

    Were we better than 6th place over the season? Maybe not 🙁

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