Vote For The Chelsea Fancast

The Chelsea Football FanCast has been nominated as best podcast and best podcast presenter in the EPLTalk awards.

We came second last year in the best podcast category to the curly haired muppet that is Alan Davies, and his podcast the Tuesday Club. They are in the lead at the moment closely followed by the Scouse podcast Anfield Wrap.

For obvious reasons we would love to knock them off their perch! In addition Chidge has been nominated as best podcast presenter for the first time, so it would be great to make an impression here.

There are no other Chelsea podcasts nominated, so whether you listen to or know the show or not, it’s your only chance to vote Chelsea!

Voting closes on May 13th (Sunday) and every vote will count, so click on the following links to vote Chelsea:

Best Podcast: here
Best Podcast Presenter: here
Let’s add another couple of trophies to our collection this year, and stop the Scousers and Arsenal winning!!

The Chelsea Football FanCast has been on air since just before our last Champions League final in 2008!!! It is a weekly internet radio show dedicated to the Chels. The show is the real deal with real opinions and banter from lifelong fans that go to the games and live in the manor!

It’s presented by cfcuk writer David ‘Stamford Chidge’ Chidgey, and the show discusses the latest Chelsea issues from the fans perspective. Chidge is usually joined by ChelTel, the Celery Terrorist, Ross Mooring, cfcuk’s Darren Mantle and Pablo mates he’s been following Chelsea with for years.

In addition, when they can be begged, borrowed or stolen, we have great guests such as Jason Cundy; Alan Hudson; Paul Canoville; Mickey Thomas; Neil Barnett; John King and Martin Knight. It’s all about banter, biased opinion, and downright nonsense all in the Blue cause.

The show has an audience of thousands around the world and is ‘arguably’ the best, most authentic and totally independent Chelsea podcast on the planet.

‘Stamford’ Chidge

‘Stamford’ Chidge is a season ticket holder in Gate 17 in the Matthew Harding Upper, and presents The Chelsea Football FanCast. Check out and download it every week from ITunes, or Follow Stamford Chidge on twitter @DavidChidgey

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