Match Report: Chelsea 4 – Norwich City 1

Here is Kent Blues Jack’s brilliant report from his latest visit to see Chelsea vs. Norwich.

We were lucky to meet with Super Frank and some of the other players who came out to see us.

It really made the day special for the boys!

By the way Jack I think Teacher Gill’s secret is well and truly out :0)

Jack is 10 years old and suffers from autism, he loves nothing more than coming to see the mighty blues with his teacher, and CSG disabled rep, Gill Reeves……

Hello Everyone

My name is Jack and yesterday I went with Kent Blues Graeme and Teacher Gill and my 2 school friends Sam and Jacob to see Chelsea play Norwich and guess what I had my best new Chelsea shirt on.

When we got to Stamford Bridge first thing there is lots of new pictures painted on the wall and I like them of all the Chelsea players so Teacher Gill took photos and then we walk around the big wall to East Stand to meet some more friends. There was big smiley Chris and he was still smiley like when the last time. I told to Chris I had my big shouty voice on and he said “that is good”.

We went in the East Stand and there was lots of things to do like you can have face paint and balloon things made and I had CFC which is Chelsea Football Club in blue colour paint on my hand and I played on X box with Kent Blues Graeme.

There was lots of Chelsea fans and there was lots of the yellow fans that was Norwich where we went because it was near to our place where we sat so I was a bit worried but Teacher Gill said we would make more shouting than Norwich.

Then something really really exciting happened because Kent Blues Gill went away and when she came back she was with Super Frankie! I showed Super Frankie my CFC paint hand and he said “it looks very good” and he signed all our Chelsea shirts and Teacher Gill’s shirt and she is SO happy because it is secret but she loves him even more loads than Hilario.

Then guess what other Chelsea players came and there was David Luiz and Ryan Bertrand and Hilario and Ross Turnbull so me and Sam and Jacob were all VERY VERY VERY VERY excited and Teacher Gill took lots of pictures of us to show in school.

The next part is about the game because we all did really really good lots of shouting Chelsea Chelsea!! and we did jumping and waving our Kent Blues flag. There was a worrying bit first because Norwich got a goal but Kent Blues Graeme said “keep on singing and Chelsea will score” and next thing happened is Chelsea DID get a goal and it was a special FERNANDO TORRES ONE.  Sam was jumping around because FERNANDO is his BEST player ever.

Kent Blues Graeme said this was very good news because Chelsea were going to win and then it was Super Frankie who scored and so Chelsea was winning 2 goals and Norwich 1.

Sometimes Chelsea Manager Robbie did a bit of walking about and sometimes he sat down and we sing “there’s only one Di Matteo” and Robbie did clapping because I think he liked us singing it.

The next best thing was that Chelsea got another goal and it was Eden Hazard number 17 and then another goal and this time it was Branislav Chelsea number 2 but my favourite goal was Super Frankie and it was Teacher Gills favourite because she loves him and said it was his special goal to be the same as another Chelsea player Bobby Tambling and he is a Legend so that means Super Frankie is too. So it was Chelsea 4 and Norwich 1.

At the end of the game we sang Blue is the Colour, Football is the game, we’re all together and winning is our aim so cheer us all through the sun and rain and then we all did big shouty voice for the bit that went  CHELSEA, CHELSEA IS OUR NAME.

After the end Teacher Gill tried to trick us as guess what she said we couldn’t have McDonalds because Kent Blues Graeme had eaten all the burgers but he hadn’t done it so Sam and Jacob and me had Big Mac Meal and Mcflurry double chocolate fudge and Mcflurry caramel cookie ice creams. YUMMY good and we can’t wait to go to Chelsea again because they are BEST TEAM IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD

by Jack Warren – age 10

Chelsea True Blue Junior

Stats from the BBC website:


  • 01 Cech
  • 02 Ivanovic (Azpilicueta – 78′ )
  • 03 Cole
  • 04 David Luiz
  • 26 Terry
  • 08 Lampard (Ramires – 67′ )
  • 10 Mata
  • 11 Oscar
  • 12 Mikel (Romeu – 82′ )
  • 17 Hazard
  • 09 Torres


  • 22 Turnbull
  • 24 Cahill
  • 28 Azpilicueta
  • 34 Bertrand
  • 06 Romeu
  • 07 Ramires
  • 13 Moses

Norwich City

  • 01 Ruddy
  • 02 R Martin
  • 05 Bassong (R Bennett – 78′ )
  • 18 Garrido
  • 20 Barnett
  • 04 Johnson (Pilkington – 68′ )
  • 08 Howson
  • 14 Hoolahan
  • 17 E Bennett
  • 27 Tettey
  • 09 Holt (Morison – 77′ )


  • 28 Bunn
  • 06 Turner
  • 24 R Bennett
  • 12 Pilkington
  • 07 Snodgrass
  • 10 Jackson
  • 16 Morison
Ref: Taylor
Att: 41,784

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  • Its always a privelege to read Jacks account of a game I also attended. He brings a vibrancy and life to his reporting which makes it a real pleasure to read. Well done Jack and keep up the good work.

  • Well done Jack, another very good match report.
    I think we all knew about teacher Gill and her love for Hilario but I guess Frank has now taken over as her number one. xx

  • jonesy

    Great reading Jack , very well written , briliant about Super Frank hey ! .. I must get my face painted next home game, if it means a Lampard autograph , even though i`m 48 !! look forward to your next game Kent Blues

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