Ciao Roberto Di Matteo And Good Luck

Chelsea football club have confirmed today (21/11) that they have parted company with Roberto Di Matteo.

Yes! Roman, Gourlay, Buck et’ all have decided to sack RDM (the same RDM that bought you the Champions League Roman!) due to recent performances.

Let’s just forget then shall we, we have a striker that looks like he would rather be on the beach than scoring goals, we let two strikers go, so the only cover is a player that doesn’t know where the onion bag is, we have two players injured that are the backbone of the side and, we are trying to build for the future.

If OXO made ‘laughing stock’ we could sell it by the bucket loads!

Time to wake up Roman and stop treating our club like a Playstation. Your cash input over the last 8 years has been incredible but this manager merry-go-round has now become a joke.

Good luck Robbie wherever you end up and thanks for fullfilling our dreams and bringing back the cup with big ears


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12 thoughts on “Ciao Roberto Di Matteo And Good Luck

  • Gerry whybrow

    What an appalling way (again) to treat ANOTHER GREAT MANAGER!
    Chelsea football club is being ruined by businness style boardrooms antics-this is sport!
    The players need to take some responsibility they have let De Mateo down!!!!No club can be run in this manner, loyalty appreciation and respect and time given to work on success has to be given!
    I am a 77yr old supporter and would love to come to the bridge and voice my support so I’m hoping others feel the same way as me and will make a stand to save the club from a meglomaniac whoi s not interested in our commitment of support. Save our souls save our club!!!

    • Maggi Nixon

      Simply appalling behaviour by the Directors of CFC. We cannot win all the time. Time for Drogs to return, JT and Lamps. Some of these new young players totally lazy – agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Whybrow’s comments.
      Well done Mr. Roberto Di Matteo, thank you for the Champion League Cup and the FA Cup.
      Maggi Nixon, Fulham on Thames

  • Don Challinger

    As a long term blues fan (1966) it appals me that the club can treat a manager this way. I call upon all real fans (not the dictators with the money) to email their disgust to the official contacts and to boycott matches – hit the money boys where it hurts – in the pocket. Its also time for the players to show some b#lls and stand up to the russian mafia.

    Good luck Robbie

  • simon


    maybe ciao is better!

    • Admin

      I was close! 🙂

  • jonesy

    Good Luck Robbie wherever you go next, always know us supporters love you and thank you for what you have given this club as player and manager, we appreciate it even if the board don`t ! Wembley `97 and Munich `12 are two of the greatest days of my life .. Thanks RDM

  • Well I don’t know about u, but I feel sick to the core and deeply ashamed over the sacking of Di Matteo. Its obvious we are desperate for a striker to perform and stand up and fight for chelsea and we don’t have that in Torres!! The thought of Rafa Bennitz makes me want to be physically sick. And the behavior of the board and owner are a joke. I would rather be “the boys in blue in Div 2” and have a club with morals and true support than what we have now.Balls to the champs league,balls to the premier league, sky sports+espn can take a run and jump dictating when games are played, the obseen wages we play to some players who have lost all reality of life and how much a loaf of bread costs. Get rid of the corporate people who don’t even support the club and are there just for the “soccer” experience. Make the ticket prices realistic as believe it or not chelsea most people who would truly support chelsea have been priced out the game and if you believe the government or not we are still in recession . Chelsea FC has truly sold its sole and just wants to be a brand name. We are not a brand we are a football club loved and adored by thousands of true supporters.The supporters that will turn up win or lose and what ever division we are playing in. And the club is getting to the stage that you can’t even support your club and sing what you want to sing in case we upset the opposing supporters, yet the opposing supporters can do what they want when they come to the bridge. (Ie man utd in capital 1 cup, supporter runs on the pitch and makes it back in the stand without being caught, a firework is thrown on the pitch, a red flare is lit in the shed end). All this racist stuff is another joke!! Man up chelsea!! Black, white or orange who cares, if you have a blue shirt on play with pride. Sick and embarrassed as once again we are the laughing stock of english football.

    • jonesy

      Well said mate … Speaks for what many supporters feel and your correct also about the Utd fans in the League cup, yet the Chelsea fan who though in the wrong was caught on camera , the media and club went all out to make sure the guy was banned, yet what happened to the Utd fans … nothing !

  • I feel gutted. Robbed. Appalled. Cheated. Gobsmacked. Licked. Ashamed. That’s about it. The board are proving once again what a classless bunch of t*ats they really are.

  • Giovanni Lorenzini

    Congratulaions, now you have the “greater” manager you can find in the world, Rafa Benitez, that we did not want at our Inter. Good luck!

  • shane fitzgibbon

    as a blues fan since 1970, the last few days have truly been cringe inducing, and like most of the other posters here, I am truly appalled at the treatment meted out to RDM,and the subsequent appointment of Benitez, but then again this is a board who are hell bent on moving us out of our home since 1905 to a hideously manufactured grounds complete with 4 so called ‘iconic’ chimneys! Thank heaven for a few sensible fans in the CPO who refused to sell out to these soulless people!
    What is it with Chelsea and dictatorial owners?? Ken Bates wielded the axe on quite a few occasions but our present owner takes sacking to a completely different level..we are all truly grateful for what he has done for our beloved blues but the club has now becoming a running joke among media and opposing fans,and todays judgment relating to Mikel only makes things worse again.
    I just also want to wish RDM the best in his future career , a true Chelsea legend!!

  • Geoff Dyne

    Rob was building a team for the future while playing a team that achieved results. He had vision and belief that would have given success. I am very sad to see him go.

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