FSF: “Campaign For Better Transport”

Flags_CelebrateThe Campaign for Better Transport (CfBT) has pulled together a short survey that aims to help improve match day travel for fans.

The CfBT are keen to get a response from as many different clubs as possible and to that end they’ve asked if you would share this link among your members using newsletters, emails, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

•    Please complete the survey here:

Fans from clubs across England and Wales are needed to fill in a five minute survey about how they get to matches and how their journeys could be made easier by clubs, transport companies and local councils.

You can read more on the project via this press release from Campaign for Better Transport.

Posted by Cliff Auger

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    I didn’t see the option for requesting a limousine from home. Did I miss that page ?
    Otherwise useful.

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