FSF: “Twenty Is Plenty” Campaign

M2081S-1025On Thursday 31st January representatives of the CSG attended the London meeting of the Football Supporters Federation’s Score Campaign. The campaign is based around the fact that they feel £20 is plenty for away supporters to pay at football matches in this country.

There was a good turnout for the meeting held in a pub in the City of London with reps present from the majority of London clubs and, indeed, from all over the country.

The meeting was a lively one with some good and some, quite frankly, terrible ideas about how to support and publicise the campaign. I think it is fair to say that the CSG reps were not totally enamoured with the whole idea but we are always in favour of ticket price reductions where they can be achieved.

For a more in depth report on the event please go to the FSF website which in turn links to the overall campaign page.

We would like to invite our members for their views on the campaign and if they feel we should get more actively involved and also any ideas they may have to enhance the campaign.

Please send us your thoughts and comments here

Posted by Cliff Auger

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One thought on “FSF: “Twenty Is Plenty” Campaign

  • Alan Davidson

    It’s a great idea, I wonder though would it give the home clubs a reason to up the home ticket price to compensate?

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