Chelsea U21’s v Man City U21’s – Match Report

This match report is bought to us by 11 year old Jack.

Jack, like his school mates, suffers from autism but goes to see his beloved Chelsea whenever he can, his teacher, Gill Reeves (our regular match reporter and committee member) does a sterling job with these youngsters and we thank her for the time and attention she gives to these children.

It’s been a little while since Jacks last report…..

We really enjoyed our visit to the Bridge on Sunday to support the Chelsea Under 21’s ……

Gill_091013_1Hello everyone, my name is Jack and I went with my Teacher Gill and Kent Blues Graeme and my best friend Jack S to Stamford Bridge.

This was Sunday and we went to see the Under 21s because they were playing there instead of all the first team and they play against Manchester City.

We went there in Teacher Gills car and when we get to Chelsea we walk all around and there was new big pictures of all my bestest players like Juan Mata and Eden Hazard and Jack and me like the big picture of Petr Cech and he is pointing out so Teacher Gill said we stand like Petr Cech and we did it when she took a picture of us all.

Then we went to the East Stand but before we go inside Dermot came and he is the Manager of the Under 21s. Dermot shaked all our hands and then he said “I want to hear your best shouty voices” and Jack and me said we would do it very shouty for Chelsea and Dermot did the thumbs up sign for good.

Next thing that happened when we were in there and we see Lee Parker and he is Chelsea TV and Lee said come and speak to me and hold this book and you can pretend you are Chelsea TV person.

We put our Kent Blues flag on the wood bit and when the players come out to do exercises they looked and waved and there was Alex Davey he is number 51 and he come and speak to teacher Gill and Kent Blues Graeme.

Gill_091013_2There was all other players who waved and it was Nathan and Lewis and Mitchell and John Swift.

The next bit is about when the game starts and it was very exciting because just to begin the ball came over and landed near me and Jack and I jumped up right up and got the ball and then throwed the ball back and it was to Nathan.  Kent Blues Graeme said that was a very good things to do and I was like a real ball boy helper.

We were shouting really loud with our Chelsea voices and Chelsea  songs that we know and do you know that it work really well because then Chelsea got a goal and it was John Swift number 10 and he did a really high kick to get the goal.

We all did lots of jumping about and cheering and Lee from Chelsea TV see us and waved.

For a bit we did keep watching and then good news again because Chelsea get another goal and this time it was Andreas Christensen and he is number 4.

Then it was half time and Jack and me we went and played with Kent Blues Graeme on the playstations .

Gill_091013_3The next bit was the second half and I got a bit worried because Manchester City player got a goal.

Dermot looked a bit worried too and he did some waving around of his arms like Jose does sometimes but not as much as Jose (love it! – Ed).

Teacher Gill and Kent Blues Graeme said to keep doing our shouty voices and we did it and I kept my fingers crossed as well for the game to finish and Chelsea win and they did it.

Then the next exciting thing when we went outside and the Chelsea coach was there and the man said “come here because Dermot said you can wait for the players to come”

Then there was Nathan and Lewis and we see Alex and lots of them signed our shirts and we had photos. My best was Nathan because he shaked my hand and said “thank you for doing lots of shouting to help us win”.

Then that was the end and you will never guess where we went to McDonalds for cheese burger and chips and Kent Blues Graeme got us yummy chocolate muffins.

I nearly forgot because I got a Chelsea ball and so did my friend Jack and a poster of Super Frankie Lampard because do you know that Teacher Gill loves him the best of all Chelsea players.

The end

Jack Warren – age 11

Chelsea Junior Member


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