Chelsea Blip-O-Meter Reading

75 + 10 = 85 points

Blip-O-Meter Reading: 3.7

GF: -5 GA: -8 GD: +3

Blip-O-MeterRDM: P7 W4 D1 L2 Pts13 GF16 GA10 GD+5

JM:     P7 W4 D3 L0 Pts15 GF12 GA4  GD+8


RB: P21 W12 D4 L5 Pts40 GF41 GA19 GD+22

JM: P21 W15 D3 L3 Pts48 GF40 GA18 GD+22


It’s going to be the first two that blink, who’ll lose it.

Wenger’s Arsenal have already shed tears.

I doubt any team will close the season out with a perfect 10 wins.

Liverpool are really too far behind (just) to do anything bar decide who finishes second – unless both Chelsea and City choke (unlikely).

A lot will revolve around Liverpool v City result. If City get a point their goal difference should ensure that they finish top.

It is not inconceivable that we could set a new record by finishing second with 91-points because of City’s vastly superior goal difference. (The current highest points figure that did not win the Premiership was 89 points when Manchester United missed out to City on goal difference).

City will be out of Europe in a couple of weeks, that should ease their fixture congestion a bit (and home games against Villa and Sunderland should not be too exacting an experience). In the normal course of events I would expect them to beat United and Arsenal away. However, Old Trafford may manage to get them motivated enough for a point.

As for us?

Let’s start by taking all three points off Spurs – always an uplifting experience…..

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