Chelsea Supporters Football Tournament 2014

The annual Chelsea Supporters Football Tournament is once again, nearly upon us – This years event will be held at the superb Cobham Chelsea Training Ground on Sunday 13th July (and yes it is the day of the World Cup final but that doesn’t start till 8pm and we will be finished in plenty of time) and we thank the club for their continued support in this unique event – This years event was once again over subscribed and we had a record total of 19 teams entered, unfortunately we can only take 10 with us and a draw was made by Chelsea FC to decide who would be taking part in 2014 – We look forward to seeing those drawn out on the day

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2 thoughts on “Chelsea Supporters Football Tournament 2014

  • Daniel rudgley

    Wont be proper champions till you beat holders and winners of the trophy last two years CHELSKI DYNAMO very unfair that the winners don’t get to defend there title !
    WHY CHANGE THE RULES THIS YEAR?????????????????

  • Not having the holders back is embarrassing!

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