Rhyme and Treason:

…… Chelsea 2015-2016 a season in verse

51bXrBxG7YL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Rhyme and Treason is a brilliantly unique football book in which Carol Ann Wood tells the story of Chelsea’s drama-filled 2015/16 season by way of poetry.

Die-hard Blues fan Carol wrote a poem following every Blues game of the campaign… and her verses express raw emotions that every supporter, irrespective of allegiance, can readily identify with. Football fans may be irrational and biased, but they are not foolish… and the incisive way Carol’s poems deal with the matters at hand reflect this. Rhyme and Treason is a remarkable work and a ground-breaking future football literature classic.

Carol Ann Wood – Author

CSG69Available to purchase in paperback now at £7.95 here

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