When Common Sense Is Becoming Quite Rare

P1150015Just a few things from the last few football days.

The ‘Vocal One’ as he should now be called, is pumping up the volume on those who are seen as rivals, giving it “large” or “obvious” or “bragging” or “getting his in first”.

Well I’m delighted it’s not us on the radar, comments about funding and criticism of it and world records for spending. Good luck to you, if it floats your boat, I’m delighted that Chelsea are keeping it a bit more grounded.

No grumble here, but when the likes of West Ham, Crystal Palace and Leicester are throwing bids around from £25 million upwards, it gives me a shiver, not that I fear them or even worry about the buying power, but easy money comes in, and easy money goes out and at some point, the wages and balance sheet gets out of control. Why do they not heed the warning of clubs before who have modest revenue streams and spend way above their resources chasing the dream, just like Leeds!

This big TV deal is not forever, it’s a great opportunity for all PL clubs to get their house in order as well as buy exciting new players.

Police_Goal_PicJust look at the prices banded about for non top draw players, many other European clubs are just upping the price the moment an English club comes knocking, now more than ever, staying up is essential.

We have a new ground to fund, and whilst team investment is essential, I’d rather see the vast amount invested in the new SB, though I’m sure we can still challenge for honours.

The media is being reminded time after time about responsible reporting, today is a report about the cost of policing at PL grounds, whilst the headlines are that both Manchester clubs pay the most by some distance. London clubs are lower, and great credit to ourselves and our club that we are now not a major issue, however, looking a little deeper the report gives notice that the Met Police don’t as a rule police inside grounds anymore and have not for 2/3 years! Is this wise to make public? Plus they say they don’t have any presence at Crystal Palace at all, well done fella, advance notice give to any rogue group who want to have a rip up!

Clueless? or is it me?

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One thought on “When Common Sense Is Becoming Quite Rare

  • Quite agree, if those teams want to spend themselves into oblivion then fair enough. The ridiculous TV money won’t last long at this pace, and if I were a United fan, for example, I’m not sure I’d want a look at their balance sheet, bearing in mind how the Glasers have managed to transfer all the debt incurred when they “bought” the club back to the the club itself. I’ve always felt that the whole PL is a house of cards waiting for one to go for it to topple over and this crazy spending only reinforces my suspicion. Let’s hope it’s not Man United eh…

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