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Chelsea FC Supporter Representatives Application

A joint publication on behalf of the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust, Chelsea Supporters’ Group, Chelsea Supporters’ Club and the Chelsea Pitch Owners’ – (Supporter Groups).


On 4 May, Chelsea Football Club announced that it would welcome supporter presence at the Club’s board meetings. Three representatives will be selected to represent supporters’ views at board meetings.

One of these three candidates will be selected by the Supporter Groups. The four Supporter Groups will nominate eight reps (two each) to forward to the club where they will be vetted for their suitability for the club to work with. Season Ticket Holders (STH) and members will then be invited to vote for the final candidate.


Prospective candidates must thoroughly read the job description and be confident they will be able to fulfil the Main Responsibilities listed within the job description.

Job Descrition can be found here

Applications must be emailed to by 23:59 –  23rd September 2021.

Email Subject: Your Name – Supporter Representative Application

Please attach to the email:

  • A full CV, limited to 500 words (detailing work, but predominately Chelsea experiences)
  • A cover letter (maximum 600 words) detailing your capabilities against the below criteria – Please use examples of personal experience.

Candidate Criteria (Essential)

  1. Good understanding of club’s history & culture
  2. Good understanding and knowledge of CFC’s social & community engagement
  3. Good understanding and knowledge of issues faced by match going and non-match going supporters and ability to communicate these accurately and without bias
  4. Demonstrate good relationships with various segments of the fan base
  5. Ability to accurately receive a wide range of supporter views from diverse backgrounds and communicate these effectively. Please give detail as to how you would interact with supporters and supporter groups.


To ensure fairness and that decisions are made without bias, all applications will be anonymised. Two selectors from each Supporter Group (8 in total) will assess each application against the following scores.

1 Not demonstrated No Positive evidence and/or substantial negative evidence demonstrated
2 Minimal Demonstration Limited positive and/or mainly negative evidence demonstrated
3 Moderate Demonstration Moderate positive evidence but some negative evidence demonstrated
4 Acceptable Demonstration Adequate positive evidence and any negative evidence would not cause concern
5 Good Demonstration Substantial Positive evidence of the criteria
6 Strong Demonstration Substantial Positive evidence includes some evidence of exceeding expectations
7 Outstanding Demonstration The evidence provided wholly exceeds expectation

The candidates with the highest cumulative scores will then be un-anonymised. The selectors will then jointly decide on the final 8 (maximum) nominees. These will then be forwarded to CFC as our nominees. CFC will then decide if any of the nominees are unsuitable and then will invite STH and members to vote for the final candidate using the alternative vote system.

The Supporters Groups hold the right to alter this application process. Any alterations will be shared with supporters at the earliest opportunity.

By submitting this application, you agree and consent to your personal data which you provide to ‘Supporter Groups’ in this form being processed, collected, used, disclosed and/or retained by ‘Supporter Groups’ and its members, officers, representatives and sub-contractors for the selection process.

Data will be shared with Chelsea FC, a 3rd electoral company for the purposes of administering the vote to STH and members, and STH & members. Your data will not be used for marketing purposes.

From the official Chelsea FC website:

‘Chelsea Supporters Group’ can be found on Twitter and Facebook

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