Chelsea In Qatar – And Then There Were Two

With Englands loss in the match against France, three more Blues were catching a plane home, alongside Thiago Silva, with Brazil having lost the day before. Conor Gallagher has been unfortunate not to see even a minute of action, maybe next time?

That leaves the Dynamic Duo of Hakim Ziyech and Mateo Kovacic as Chelsea’s representatives in the Semi-Finals. How have they faired so far?

Hakim Ziyech (overall rating 7.0)

5 Appearances, 459 Minutes played,

1 Goal ,1 Assist,

Pass completion rate 73.3%

Vs Croatia   

90 minutes played.

Rated 6.46 

2 Shots, Pass completion rate 61.3%.

Vs Belgium  

90 minutes played.

Rated 8.2 

2 Shots, 3 tackles, Pass completion rate 78.3%.

Vs Canada

76 minutes played.

Rated 7.7

1 Goal,  2 Shots, Pass completion rate 76.5%.

Vs Spain  

121 minutes played.

Rated 6.06 

0 shots, Pass completion rate 75.8%.

Vs Portugal  

82 minutes played.

Rated 6.56 

1Shot, Pass completion rate 78.3%.

So far he has had an excellent World Cup and should feature in the game against France.

Mateo Kovacic (overall rating 6.95)

5 Appearances, 461 Minutes played,

0 Goals , 0 Assists,

Shots per game 0.4

Pass completion rate 89.9%

Vs Morocco

79 minutes played.

Rated 7.12 

0 shots, Pass completion rate 90.2%.

Vs Canada

86 minutes played.

Rated 8 

0 shots, 5 Tackles, 4 Key passes, Pass completion rate 93.3%.

Vs Belgium

91 minutes played.

Rated 6.77 

1 shot, 1 Tackle, 1 Key pass  Pass completion rate 90.8%.

Vs Japan

99 minutes played.

Rated 6.56 

1 shots, 3 tackles, 1 yellow card, Pass completion rate 87.9%.

Vs Brazil

106 minutes played.

Rated 6.84

0 shots, 4 Tackles, Pass completion rate 90.7%.

Mr Reliable, does exactly what he does at Chelsea for this Croatian team, spreads the ball around with great accuracy. Will definitely feature against Argentina.

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