CSG Statement

Proposed European Super League:

The Chelsea Supporters Group can confirm that our stance on the updated proposed ‘European Super League’ remains as it has always been.

Despite putting forward new proposals, this is still all about the money and those at A22 – the company representing the European Super League – need to remember what happened the last time this new ‘Super League’ was proposed.

We don’t want it and we don’t need it. We already have the Champions League which covers European club competition. Anything more would be to the detriment of our game.

Rumours that five Premier League clubs have distanced themselves from these plans shows that this is inappropriate and unwanted and we hope the rest of the Premier Leauge teams follow this stance.





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One thought on “CSG Statement

  • This super league doesn’t make sense to me. The champions league is already there. Why adding more tournaments that may end up making football less exciting?

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