South Fulham Clean Air Neighbourhood project

Warning period for non-H&F drivers ended on 31 January

Non-H&F drivers who pass through the cameras in the side streets off Wandsworth Bridge Road and do not have exemptions will be issued with Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) starting from 1 February. Find out more

New clean air trial goes live
  • All H&F residents can still drive freely everywhere
  • Visitors can reach every street without going through a camera
  • Warning period for out-of-borough motorists who cut through

We all know the air on our streets needs to be cleaner. Polluted air makes people ill, especially children. It can be a killer.

In December, a pioneering Clean Air Neighbourhood project to improve air quality and local people’s health was extended to all of South Fulham.

It follows the successful clean air neighbourhood trial to the east of Wandsworth Bridge Road which has seen 8,000 fewer cars emitting dangerous nitrogen oxide entering the area. Carbon dioxide emissions have reduced by one tonne a day.

The new trial to the west aims to discourage out-of-borough motorists from using residential streets as cut-throughs.

It uses smart technology cameras to reduce pollution and congestion in the streets to the west of Wandsworth Bridge Road.

All residents of the borough with vehicles registered in Hammersmith & Fulham can go through the cameras without penalty.

South Fulham (west) Clean Air Neighbourhood trial
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Full details can be found on the Hammersmith and Fulham website here





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