Chelsea Foundation releases Five Ways Forward as part of Mental Health Awareness Week

From the official Chelsea FC website:

Chelsea Foundation will be recognising Mental Health Awareness Week with a series of activities to help raise awareness to the importance of mental health and how to help with anxiety.

Chelsea Foundation has produced the Feeling Blue? Five Ways Forward guide which includes the five ways to wellbeing – Give, Get Active, Take Notice, Connect and Learn – each of which will be highlighted throughout the week.

Click to download the Feeling Blue? Five Ways Forward guide

Across the Foundation’s Health & Wellbeing, Social Inclusion, Football Development and Education & Innovation departments, all participants throughout the next two weeks will be shared the resource and also encouraged to pick their wellbeing team.

Click to download the Wellbeing team guide

Both resources are available for anyone to download, with participants encouraged to share use of the resource on social media by tagging @CFCFoundation on Twitter.

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, Chelsea Foundation will work alongside both the Mental Health Foundation and Mind to host workshops, while joining up with Teens Unite to host a football tournament for 30 young children who are battling cancer.

Chelsea FC staff will also be involved in conversations around mental health and will take part in a range of activities including an additional workshop hosted by the Mental Health Foundation along with yoga, HIIT and creative art sessions.

Chelsea Foundation’s mental health lead and Chelsea Champions senior officer Jonny Drabble said: ‘Mental health is a vital component of Chelsea Foundation’s every day work, however Mental Health Awareness Week allows us to dedicate a specific timeframe to raising further awareness of this crucial subject.

‘To help with this, we have produced an engaging asset that can be used across all audiences whether that be internally with staff or externally with school children or other participants. We look forward to all activity taking place this week and working alongside various partners to help anyone dealing with anxiety or mental health in any form.’





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