West Ham United fans calling for return of concessionary price age to 65

From the official FSA.Org website:

West Ham United fans have criticised their club for increasing the age for concessionary tickets for older fans to 66 – and have launched a petition against the move.

The Hammers are one of only two Premier League clubs who are raising the age for concessionary pricing for older fans from 65 to 66 for the new season.

This change, supporter groups say, will see ticket costs rise by 100% for those fans who are now longer eligible for the concessionary price.

West Ham United supporter Phil Stringfellow, who launched a petition to lobby the club against the change, described the change as a “cynical, petty penny pinching exercise at the expense of its most loyal and long-serving fans.”

“This decision specifically targets and negatively impacts older supporters, many of whom were budgeting for their season ticket at the old concession rate,” he said.

At the time of publication, the petition had collected more than 1,300 signatures.

Old School Hammers, a supporter group representing older fans, has written to the club urging them to reconsider the decision but so far that request has been ignored.

The club’s independent supporters committee (ISC) have criticised West Ham United for introducing the change to concessions eligibility at short notice and without consultation.

“This 100% price rise was announced to fans with less than 24 hours notice,” the ISC said.

“West Ham United and Aston Villa are the only two Premier League clubs who have introduced this rise this season. All other clubs have the concessionary age set at 65 years old.

“Given the cost of living crisis and the lack of notice of this price rise forced on fans by the club, the ISC feels that it is both unreasonable and unfair.

“The ISC therefore calls on the club to reconsider and re-institute the concession age from 66 to 65 before the start of this season.”

West Ham United’s move is the latest in a raft of poorly received changes to ticketing and pricing across the Premier League. Last week Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust (THST) accused their club of “exploiting loyalty” with their new matchday ticket prices, which will see some seats reaching £103 for a single game of association football.

Spurs fans are now calling for demonstrations against the price hikes before their first home game later this month.

Aston Villa Supporters’ Trust issued a highly critical statement on how their club has been handling ticket sales this summer, against the backdrop of a 15% hike in season ticket prices, while elsewhere in the Midlands Wolves 1877 Supporters Trust reacted negatively to across-the-board increases at Molineux

And in the north east, Newcastle United were under fire for their matchday prices planned for the curtain-raiser against Aston Villa, with the cheapest ticket up from £25 last year to £44 this time round – a 75% uplift.





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