Chelsea FC’s Fan Advisory Board – a season down the line

From the official Chelsea FC website:

It was just under a year ago that we first introduced supporters to the freshly formed Fan Advisory Board (the FAB). To mark the anniversary, we can share important information and highlight successes from the first season of activity for this major part of the club’s supporter relations process.

Who are the Chelsea FC FAB?

The Fan Advisory Board is made up of a diverse selection of seven supporters who volunteer to support the club with our strategic direction. Following an open application process with over 3,700 fans applying, a nominations committee which consisted of club and independent representatives identified four supporters to join a group of existing supporter advisors to the board. Together they make up the FAB.

The FAB is structured as follows:

Fan Advisory Board Diagram V2 02

Why is there a Chelsea FC FAB?

Although the supporter advisors to the board were in place for a couple of seasons beforehand, the FAB was formed from a Premier League initiative which provided guidance and advice on the structure and role of the FAB.

Across the Premier League, all clubs have formed a FAB and best practice continues to be shared to enhance the experience for each club’s fanbase.

How does the FAB work with Chelsea Football Club?

The focus of the FAB is to support the club’s strategic vision and objectives, and provide guidance and support on fan sentiment regarding medium- and long-term decisions.

The FAB is supported by a nominated board level official, Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE, who as one of the Chelsea’s directors provides strategic direction to the FAB. A minimum of three times a year the group meets with Chelsea FC board members, senior club executives and head of supporter relations Michael Cornall. More information on the FAB can be found here

Fan Advisory Board Diagram V3 01

What has the Chelsea FC FAB achieved this season?

During its inaugural year, the FAB has worked tirelessly and frequently with the club on the following, which are by no means the limits of the activity:

  • Provided key consultation on the ticketing pricing review and club strategy. Click to read general admission pricing announcement
  • Three board level meetings with the Chelsea FC owners and board of directors to advise on strategic decisions that will directly impact supporters. A summary report of these meetings can be found here
  • Four FAB meetings with senior club officials to advise on strategic decisions that will directly impact supporters.
  • Regular meetings to discuss the group’s position, advice and guidance to the club.
  • Continued open lines of communication with the Supporter Relations department.
  • Advice and guidance to the club on atmosphere within the stadium.
  • Advice and guidance to the club on supporter travel for away fixtures.
  • Meetings focused on hospitality and the facilities at the club.
  • A visit to Auschwitz to raise awareness and provide guidance regarding the club’s No to Hate campaign. An article on this visit can be found here
  • A dedicated mail inbox for supporters to be able to raise issues with the FAB.
  • ‘The Fan Advisory Board asks us…’ series of articles has been produced to provide supporters with information on key topics

This is just a small sample of the level of engagement that the FAB is currently having with the club.

Topics for the Chelsea FC FAB

Facilities and operational issues
Business plans
Heritage and loyalty
Overseas fans

How can I contact the Chelsea FC FAB?

The FAB has a number of ways that supporters can contact the group. A direct email to the group can be sent by clicking here and more information on the FAB and the club’s numerous supporter groups can be found on the Supporter Relations page

Across the course of the 2024/25 season the FAB will look to engage regularly with various supporter groups as well as the wider fanbase.

At the majority of home fixtures, the FAB will be operating a ‘meet and greet’ opportunity at the Tea Bar ahead of kick-off. This drop-in service will provide the chance for supporters to engage and connect with the members of the FAB. If you are attending any home fixtures, the FAB would love to meet you!





‘Chelsea Supporters Group’ can also be found on X and Facebook

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