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Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (141) from the CSG

December……….a record month? December 2012 could well go down in history as the busiest Christmas month ever played by the club and most certainly the one with the most travelling. With the inclusion of the two matches in Japan along with five other games away from Stamford Bridge the mileage for the team and travelling […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (140) from the CSG

Making a profit and winning trophies! I’m sure the latest managerial shenanigans at Chelsea Football Club has been adequately covered elsewhere within this issue so I’d like to have a look at a story that has largely been forgotten about in amongst it all. The fact that the club has made a small profit for […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (138) from the CSG

Thick, Fast and Expensive? Commencing with the away game at White Hart Lane, Chelsea has a match every weekend and midweek right up to the end of the year, with the exception of the week following the Liverpool home game when there is an international friendly. With the games coming thick and fast the next […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (137) from the CSG

Well Done Chelsea FC ! Following a lot of criticism from Chelsea supporters in this country and after some dialogue with both the CSG and other fans organisations, it’s very pleasing to report that Chelsea Football Club have now allowed supporters to have their photos taken with both the FA Cup AND the Champions League […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (132) from the CSG

Another One Bites the Dust! Now that Andre Villas-Boas has been removed form the Chelsea manager’s job, it is fair to assume that the remaining years and months of his contract will be paid in full adding to the £64 million that has been paid to previous parties involved in managerial and coaching positions at […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (129) from the CSG

JUSTICE FOR ALL!! Following the recent decision by the Crown Prosecution Service to instruct the Metropolitan Police to formerly charge John Terry with a criminal offence it was heartening to see the club issue a statement giving their full support to JT regarding this matter, after all everyone is entitled to a fair trial in […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (125) from the CSG

Coming Home to Roost? It will be interesting to see what the Club have to say about the rumoured 6000 Chelsea supporters that did not renew their season tickets for this season. Will they acknowledge that the price increases that they implemented were a step too far in these hard pressed economical times? The fact […]

Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

As the half time whistle went last Saturday, the guy next to me was singing “we’re going down with the Arsenal” – I’d like to tell you in was tongue in cheek, but he was serious. In fact there was a generally disgruntled air right around the stadium, the crowd evidently not liking much of […]

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