3 thoughts on “CPO – Planning For The Future

  • 1) I’m a share holder and have received no such communication from either CFC or the CPO.

    2) Irrespective of any emotional ties to Stamford Bridge I’d be happy to do whatever is required in the best interests of the club. However, I do not feel at all happy about the suggestion that the protection the CPO provides is no longer required. We have a lot to thank Roman Abramovich for but he is a business man who may not be involved with Chelsea forever. It is feasible that we could in future face a situation whereby we may wish to prevent a sale. If we are to agree to the CFC proposal then I believe it should only be on the basis that the current shares are effectively exchanged for the equivalent shares in any new venue maintaining the status quo.

    • Peter T

      Norman, Check with the CPO, they may have an incorrect address.

  • Ian Wood

    I am a CPO shareholder and I’m very opposed to selling back our shares with such short notice. I’m not opposed in principle to a move away from SB in the future but the terms of their offer to grab our shares is ludicrous and insulting. Like most people I’ve moved several times over the 18 years since I bought my CPO share and I’ve never updated my address details with CPO. I’ve contacted them numerous times by email and phone to get a proxy voting form as I am unable to attend the AGM on 27th Oct. They simply don’t reply to emails or phone calls so as things stand I can’t vote. This is a sham. Does anyone know where I can get a proxy voting form from please ?

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