Match Report: Chelsea 3 Valencia 0

“Here is Jack’s report from his latest visit to Chelsea vs Valencia last Tuesday.

Jack attended the game with his friends Gabby and Matthew.

This was the first time in a full, noisy Stamford Bridge stadium and quite a daunting prospect for three youngsters with autism.  They coped really well and we are very proud of them.”

Gill – Kent Blues

Hello everyone,

My name is Jack and on Tuesday I went to see Chelsea play Valencia in the Champions League game with my teacher Gill, Kent Blues Graeme and my friends from school Gabby and Matthew.

You will never guess how excited we was because for one thing I have never been to Stamford Bridge when it has been really night time and teacher Gill said it would be thousands of people and very noisy not like when we go with Dermot and the reserves so I needed to have my ear defenders on under my hat just in case.

I was a bit sad because Josh was not playing but I still wore my Josh McEachran shirt because I thought of him and how sad he might be, so if he saw me it would make him happy.

When we got to Stamford Bridge we went into the Megastore and I spent my special money. I bought a Chelsea pencil case and a Stamford Lion key ring for my school bag.

We went to the East Stand and then I got a bit worried because I had forgotten how big it was and there was lot of bright lights all on the side which we sit. Kent Blues Graeme said it was television and there was different flags from all the countries and we could look at them so then it was ok, but it was different and Teacher Gill said I was brave to do it. I liked the bit when the big football flag was on the ground and all the people stood round and made it flap – that bit was good.

We saw the goalkeepers Hilario and Ross Turnbull and they waved to us.

Teacher Gill said we had to make a lot of noise for Chelsea and so Gabby and me and Matthew got our shouty voices ready.

Well you will never guess what happened because very quickly Chelsea got a GOAL and it was Didier Drogba number 11 that got it. We never expected that to happen so we were all really jumping around very excited.

The players in the Valencia team did do a lot of running around but I think Chelsea was better all the time because quite soon then Chelsea got another goal and this time it was number 7 Ramires who is from Brazil. He ran really quick at the other end of the pitch which is the Shed end and got the goal there, so that was 2 to Chelsea and nothing to Valencia. Kent Blues Graeme said this was very good news and we could stop worrying now because Chelsea would win.

At the half time we went with Kent Blues Graeme and played EA Sports Fifa on the X box and Teacher Gill bought us all hot chocolate drinks and muffins.

Then it was second half and guess what Super Frankie Lampard came along and so did Fernando Torres and so did Florent Malouda running right in front of us. We all shouted and flapped our Kent Blues flag and Super Frank saw us and smiled and did the good sign to us.

After a bit longer another special thing happened for Didier Drogba because he got another goal for Chelsea and do you know he was so fast that the Valencia players couldn’t catch up with him and we were all really cheering when he did that because it meant that Chelsea would definitely win now.

At the end of the game the players were waving at everyone and all the Chelsea fans were very happy and so were we and I have lots of things to tell my friends at school. We went home  in the minibus and on the way we got cheeseburgers and fries and crunchie Mcflurry’s  at McDonalds.

I love Chelsea and it was the best  game I have ever been to.

from Jack – age 9

(Jack, that is a fantastic report and we are all so pleased you all had a great time, hopefully you will all be able to go again soon – Ed)

Stats from the BBC website:


01 Cech
02 Ivanovic
03 Cole
04 David Luiz
26 Terry
06 Romeu – yellow card
07 Ramires (Mikel 65)
16 Meireles
10 Mata (Malouda 83)
11 Drogba (Torres 77)
23 Sturridge


22 Turnbull,
19 Ferreira,
08 Lampard,
12 Mikel,
15 Malouda,
09 Torres,
21 Kalou


01 Diego Alves
04 Rami
12 Barragan
17 Alba (Aduriz 54)
18 Ruiz
22 Mathieu
06 Albelda
08 Feghouli (Pablo 64)
24 Facundo Costa – yellow card (Parejo 76)
07 Oliveira
09 Soldado


13 Guaita,
15 Angel Dealbert,
05 Topal,
19 Pablo,
21 Parejo,
11 Aduriz,
14 Piatti

Ref: Rocchi

Att: 41,109

Final Group Table:

Position Team P GD PTS
1 Chelsea 6 9 11
2 Bayer Leverkusen 6 0 10
3 Valencia 6 5 8
4 Genk 6 -14 3


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  • ChelseaR

    Great report Jack

    I am glad you liked it at Chelsea -as a chelsea fan I want to say we are pleased you came along, we need fans who love Chelsea and cheer us along

  • Great read Jack, interesting to see things through the eyes of a nine year old again. Maybe you should do a regular report?

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