Are Officials Deciding Results?

Some not very surprising facts!

Manchester United had  just 8 penalties awarded against them at Old Trafford since 1998.

They have had only 10 awarded against them away since 1998.

Summary of just 18

Other contenders are:

  • Arsenal 8 home 15 away total 23
  • CHELSEA 8 home 21 away total 29
  • Liverpool 11 home 21 away total 32

Take into consideration that they also get the most penalties in their favour home and away, then you are looking at a very large advantage, enough to say that 50% of them will relate to gaining extra points which on average will be between 6-10 points a season, now that is a very nice advantage to have.

We can all read into stats what we like, but its very clear there is an advantage being obtained, of course you have to attack to get a penalty, but Webb also has a very advantageous figures in favour of the the team he supports (Man Utd).

The FA are so desperate to be seen to do the honourable thing, so sacking JT was the punishment, so if JT is found NOT GUILTY then what happens?  so in respect of doing the so called right thing, can we now not have officials taking charge of matches that involve their favorite team. We are told they are professional and they are unbiased, sorry that doesn’t wash, we are all biased in one way shape or form, to say otherwise is a lie.

The FA should be more transparent Webb had a stinker from an unbiased view, from a Chelsea view we were mugged off again, from a Manchester United view they were unhappy not to get four penalties!


Even cricket has independent officials, so does tennis, and rugby, so why can’t football?

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One thought on “Are Officials Deciding Results?

  • I should feel happy about the end result yesterday, I’m an Arsenal supporter and My team gained two points on your boys this weekend but My overriding emotion is one of injustice. Something is very wrong with the EPL, decisions are being made on and off the field that do not add up. Howard Webb has officiated Man Utd games far too regularly recently (3 in their last 9) whilst other officials, namely M Atkinson hasn’t refereed one of their games for nine months, since this same fixture last season in fact. The public perception does not look good, honest mistakes or otherwise.

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