The ‘Ghost Goal’ ……

……and Einsteins ‘Theory of Relativity’

I would like to make the simple point, one that is usually lost during debates on controversial incidents, that a football match is a constantly evolving series of actions, each one dependant on the event that immediately preceded it.

I have read much rubbish about Mata’s goal being the ‘defining moment’ of the match and that had it not been awarded, then Bale’s goal would have been the equaliser.

If Mata’s goal had not been awarded who knows what would have happened? Certainly it is most unlikely, that after 7 minutes, the exact actions that led to Bale’s goal would suddenly have materialised from what would have been a completely different pattern of play.

So let’s deal with the facts.

After the Mighty Drog’s wonder goal Sir Harry’s Tottenham lost it, which was evident in their players’ body language, movement and positional play. During the first 4 minutes of the second half they were rabbits in the headlights and were there for the taking, although they were just one goal behind.

Then came the injustice and they found themselves two goals behind! HOWEVER, owing to Chelsea’s decision to open up the game and press on for the killer third goal (no doubt with Barca in mind) Tottenham were able to exploit a lack of concentration in the ranks to score one themselves, thereby returning to the position where they were losing by one again.

Therefore the INJUSTICE LASTED FOR JUST SEVEN MINUTES! They then had 34 more minutes to get back into the game.

They had though, lost the will to compete (just like their fans) and this, allied to Sir Harry’s genius decision to play an open midfield against us (containing only the now-twice-nominated-for  PFA ‘Mediocrity Of The Year’ award, Scotty P) enabled us to cut them open at will.

What a pity there were not more fans in the stadium to appreciate Malouda’s fine fifth!

But anyway, having recently watched ‘Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman’ on the Discovery Channel, I’m not totally convinced that the ball didn’t cross the line.

It appears, judging from the TV coverage and the photos in the newspapers, that it didn’t, however when Einstein’s theory of relativity is taken into account, which states that light is bent by the gravitational pull of any object it passes (the ball?), can we be sure?

And when you get down to the Quantum level, where light particles can exist in two different places at once unless they are being observed (we’ll have to ask Sir Harry for an explanation on that one!) then we can’t be certain of anything, other than beating Liverpool in the Final and that Drogba will score! (wish I could be as confident as you Wayne! – Ed)

Posted by Wayne Croxford

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One thought on “The ‘Ghost Goal’ ……

  • gezza blue

    the simple fact that most people miss is that tottenham where chasing the game after Drogs goal ,the ghost goal was indeed a bonus for us against them parking the bus again like they did in the league,forcing arry to bring on defoe and go 442 , giving us more room in midfield and allowing us to go forward with players against an aging gallas and a player who dont train (king)always going to be outpaced by ramires and mata resulting in three further goals. the ghost goal in my opinion made tottenham play better, certainly getting them back to 2 1 , but there tactics are counter attacking football get in front and stay there ,dont work when your behind in a one off game ,5 1 in any language is a spanking , tactically robbie got it right arry got it wrong in the second half,not just blue tinted glasses here ,the stats of the game prove it.

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