Chelsea In Munich – Some Memories

Posted below are links to some videos taken in Munich – The CSG holds no responsibility for the content!, enjoy! – Fantastic video from ‘Gate 17’ here – and a great selection of other videos here

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  • Gate 17 – CFCUK’s video of Munich.


    Mark Worrall & Dave Johnson at the end – holding the trophy?!

    More videos to follow from Flat Eric

  • These were all uploaded to youtube on Monday.

    Check the titles before opening, as some are short and just a tourist shot. And some may not be of interest! But, hopefully, one or two might be…

    Channel link:

    All channel videos listed:

    Good Chelsea Blog:

    Munich Videos listed below:

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich, celebration songs including One Step Beyond & Liquidator

    Chelsea fans at Augustiner Beer Hall, Munich (Chelsea v Bayern Munich)

    Chelsea FC fans in Ratskeller restaurant, Munich, 20May2012

    Chelsea FC fans in Ratskeller Restaurant, Munich. Clive Taff makes his speech

    Chelsea FC fans in Marienplatz square, Munich, the day of the game

    Chelsea FC fans by Marienplatz, Munich, singing 10-men went to mow

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich, after final whistle

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich, Chelsea fans singing before game in Allianz Arena

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich, Flat Eric’s Flag

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich, Gavin on way to Allianz Arena

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich, Chelsea players start going up to collect trophy

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich. Half time, looking up at Allianz Arena from the concourse

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich. Fans leaving Allianz Arena after the game…

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich. Champions League Final, pre-match display

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich. View from middle tier about 90mins before kickoff

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich. Walking up to Allianz arena, Dave J CFCUK fanzines for sale

    Chelsea v Bayern Munich, view from lower tier about 90mins before kickoff

    Marienplatz, Munich. 18May12, the day before Champions League Final, Chelsea v Bayern

    And, one more from Wembley…

    Chelsea v Liverpool FA Cup Final, 2012. After match celebration, Madness “One Step Beyond”

  • Follow, follow, follow,
    There was only 2 minutes to go,
    The Drog scored a goal,
    That sent us out of control,
    And we went on to win the Euro…


    (repeat chorus for about 10 minutes…)




  • What a trip. What a trip! I am exhausted. But a
    brilliant few days. A great build up. A rollercoaster of emotions during the game – but finally a positive result. I have loads to say on it all, but will just summarise as quick as I can.

    Basically, we had an absolute ball! But the end of the game was so emotional. It was. When Drog slotted that pen home I leapt 3 times, holding those around me, then I dropped to my knees and cried.

    Back to pre-game, on Friday we got quite merry in the marienplatz square, including a few swift ones in Ratskeller bar area. The we went to that Augustin beerhaus just south of the station. Food was good but it was mayhem. Then back to marienplatz and around the the Irish bar area adjacent. Then at about midnight we ended up back up near our hotel at another bar on Leopoldstrasse ‘til 3am, which turfed us out an hour after their 2am closing, so we got into the hotel at 3.10 and the night reception guy started pouring more beers! I was slaughtered.

    Tried to get to breakfast at 10am. No chance of eating anything. Hair of the dog at 12.30pm and we were away again, but not so heavy as I didn’t want to ruin the game in the evening. But the Saturday build up was good. 28 of us for afternoon dinner in Ratskeller on the afternoon of the game was hilarious – plus good food and much beer, of course. Off to the stadium at 6pm to get the flags up. Trains were not so clever getting to the stadium, though, but we got there ok. Flags went up about 2 hours before kickoff (and my own flag is in the background of the official presentation photo of the team with the trophy on the pitch – club champions wallpaper! Look above Sam Hutchinson’s head!)

    On to the game – and what a game. Some of the backs against the wall we had at Barca, but not as bad as it was at Barca – but I thought we defended very well; blocking everything and committed ’til the end. Think back – we were blocking and causing them to make wayward shots. We kept them at bay, really.

    And we could’ve won with that final kick of normal time, had drog not launched it in to the upper tier. Mata with his left foot would’ve been better, but hindsight is always better. I was behind the goal and we said it was a Mata free kick. Never mind. And Cech was outstanding – a great game.

    On to the penalties. I, like everyone else, feared the worst when Mata’s kick was saved. But then we saw those two last Bayern pens saved by Cech, with the pigfarmer’s getting pushed on to the post. I was praying out loud when Drog was walking up to the penalty spot. He slotted it home. I lost control when he scored. Then I dropped to my knees and cried. It was wonderful.

    Some decent celebrations in the ground for about an hour, it seemed, then the walk to the station. Word came from marienplatz that it was all shutting up, so we got off near our hotel, 3 stops short of marienplatz, and went back into that bar near the hotel for about 1am. They stayed open and it went on and on. We got back to the hotel at 5am and the night shift guy poured us beers again as we gave him a T-shirt. Then the girls were setting up for breakfast so we ended up having some breakfast straight after the beers. It was 6.30am. We were slaughtered again. The girls working at the hotel couldn’t believe it.

    Anyway, we’ve finally done it. European Champions.

    * The hurt of Moscow – Evra getting the Drog sent off and Terry having to take that 5th pen instead of The Drog.
    * The hurt of the bent Norwegian ref the following year at the Bridge against Barca, with 4 penalties not given, including a goal-bound shot blatantly blocked by a Barca arm in injury time.
    * The hurt of the ball that didn’t cross the line at the Anfield semi final in ’05, when Gallas had white boots on.
    * The Drog going off at the Nou Camp for that challenge at the keeper, who was not even touched but went down like a sack of spuds.
    * Even Ranieri’s mess up in Monaco those years ago.

    BUT – we can now move on – we are Champions of Europe.

    We are in the away scheme, and each year we enjoy all the Euro away games, of course, but this year has been special. the way the season turned round. Munich – what a trip. And what a fantastic whole weekend. What a fantastic season.

    Up the Chels’.

    Flat Eric


  • best team in europe !! best supporter all this years in my beloved country!!

  • Memories of Munich.

    One must spare a thought for Graham Seymour. A regular at European away games, Graham is always good for some sort of drama. The last two games have been no exception.

    I know this is supposed to be about Munich, but I’ll start with Barca feedback as it sets the picture for Munich.

    At Barca everyone was in the Princess Sophia Hotel, just up from the Nou Camp. It was a decent session on the day of the game for everyone, with many down at La Rambla during the day, then back to the hotel before the game for a few more at the bar. Everyone was 3-parts gone, including Graham. Well, Graham was probably 3 ½ parts gone! Anyway, off to the stadium. 3 or 4 of the guys get to the outer ticket checks and Graham can’t find his ticket. Panic mode, and they blag thru’ with someone passing him one of theirs for Graham to wave at the fast-following steward, who was then satisfied with what he saw. The next 60metres to the main turnstile was difficult. Graham knew he’d had a ticket but now he’d lost it. He was checking his pockets but, alas, he’d definitely lost his ticket.

    At the turnstile the steward wouldn’t listen, and the travelling Fulham old bill guy there at the turnstile made it plainly known that Graham wouldn’t be going in, and that the others should go in to the stadium before they were turned away with him as well. So in went everyone except Graham, who, head down, dejected, upset and ¾ full of beer, trudged back to the hotel, about a ½ mile away.

    Graham had to sit in the bar, sinking a few more Estrella beers, watching it on the hotel bar TV whilst everyone else was in the stadium, up in the Gods, at the most memorable European away game ever. One cannot describe what it was like being there, with Ramires’ goal and the Messi penalty miss – we all started to really believe. We all prayed and prayed, watching our beloved team defend, Fort Alamo style, when right at the end the ball was kicked up for Torres to run on to. I knew he would score. I didn’t have a feeling – I knew. And as he rounded the keeper to slot it home we all went absolutely wild. I cried. And we were all there, in the Nou Camp, part of the history. All of us except Graham, of course.

    After the usual 45 minute lock-in we all went back to the hotel, and straight into the bar to continue with the celebrations. Graham was there, obviously over the moon we’d reached the final, but similarly and in contrast he was just as heartbroken at losing his ticket.

    With that he put his fingers into his shirt top pocket, pulled out about 4 different Euro notes and his flimsy, unused, match ticket.

    On to Munich. No need to go thru’ the two days before the game. Usual story – it was a decent 4-day trip planned and lots of the amber liquid was flowing. The day of the game comes and Graham, like everyone else, is ‘on it’. This time he manages to get to the game, and into the stadium, with no real problems. And then, like everyone else, he also enjoyed the celebrations after the game and the next day, too.

    Then it was time to get his flight home. Being concerned about him everyone made sure he had his bag ready on time and he was shipped off to the airport in a taxi. He immediately checked-in, and then he went off to the gate to wait for the flight.

    And there he stayed. No joke – he fell asleep in the departure lounge and the flight went without him.

    It’s always something – he never lets us down.

    Flat Eric


      I saw Graham last night, in the Duke of Edinburgh, Ascot.

      Graham said that when he woke up he went to the Lufthansa desk and they laughed at him. The laughed even more when he asked if he could get on the next flight out of Munich. He had to hang around for another 2 1/2 hours and they got him on a flight to Zurich.

      At Zurich he waited 8 hours (yes – 8!) before he could get on a flight to London.

      You couldn’t make it up.

      All this and he was hungover and exhausted. The only sleep he’d had in the previous 36 hours was an hour or so at the departure gate in Munich!


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