Speaking With The Enemy – Arsenal

Speaking With The Enemy – Arsenal

This Saturday sees Chelsea take on London rivals Arsenal at the Emirates. We caught up with Arsenal fan Marcus Lowery to chat about trophies, Wenger & Ashley Cole……

Early Days but how do you think your team is looking?

We look more balanced team this season; we are playing more patiently now RvP has gone. Cazorla has settled in nicely, he’s already a crowd favourite.

Are you happy with the business Arsenal did in the transfer window?

I would have liked to have seen a keeper purchased but overall happy with our transfer business. RvP going was upsetting but bigger players have left before him. Song wasn’t doing the job he was employed to do (defensive midfielder) he won’t be missed.

Which Chelsea player should Arsenal be worried about?

Hazard, he’s looked a great addition to Chelsea’s team so far. He was a long time Arsenal target.

What would make a good season for Arsenal as far as you are concerned?

Winning a trophy, that would silence the ”xx years without one”, & qualification for the Champions League

If you could choose any Chelsea player to join Arsenal, who would it be and why?

Fernando Torres, I think he’d fit into our style of play & would thrive on the chances we create.

Do you believe that Wenger is still the man to take you forward or are you grateful for what he’s done, but feel it’s time to move on?

Wenger is still the correct man to lead Arsenal; he is an institution at the grove. The addition of Steve Bould as assistant manager will improve the team’s defensive play.

Which ground do you prefer – Highbury or the Emirates?

Highbury was a proper football ground, the Grove (I refuse to use its corporate name) is a sanitised bowl with poor atmosphere. I’m not a fan of our new stadium – a tourist & day tripper’s paradise for the club.

What’s your opinion on Ashley Cole?

Cole is a great player but left our club over £5k a week. Putting that in his book did him no favours with the Arsenal faithful. He may boast about what he’s won at Chelsea but he left for cash.

How do you think Chelsea will do this season?

I think Chelsea will finish above Arsenal but behind the Manchester clubs.

Are you satisfied with pretty football & a Champions League place or would you sacrifice style for a trophy?

Champions League football is important financially to the club, to sacrifice it for the league cup I would have to say no. Liverpool won the league cup last season & sacked their manager. I’d like to see us challenge more for the title. I’m proud of our 15 consecutive years of CL football & 12 consecutive years of making the knockout stage.

Theo Walcott seems to split the Arsenal support – what’s your opinion on him?

I’m not a massive Theo fan; I don’t think he’s improved much in the years he’s been at Arsenal. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is better now than Walcott will ever be.

Finally, what’s your prediction for the match?

I’d love to say a home win, but it will probably be a draw.

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  • Davie

    I think thats a very fair article by the Arsenal lad. I am always interested in fans of other clubs opinions & maybe if more Arsenal fans were as decent sounding & as realistic as this fan then others would take an interest as well. Good article Triz. D.

  • John S

    Arsnal fan who isn’t an arrigant arse – who’d have thought it. Interesting what he says about Torres – I agree with him too – believe we do not play to Nando’s strengths in any way shape or form. He’ll eventually leave us and bang them in for someone else – shame

  • BrendanMc

    An really enjoying this new feature – especially as you seem to have found proper football fans to answer the questions – not mindless idiots who just insult everything Chelsea.

    It’s good to read another perspective.

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