Were Chelsea And John Terry Right Not To Challenge The FA?

Come on let’s be honest about it, we have seen one of the modern day frame-ups conducted in tandem by both unregulated press (more on that another day) and a band of gin-soaked (Oman) rule changing, people from the FA.

We, Chelsea and JT have to look at the bigger picture, sometimes you have to take an injustice no matter how farcile and poisonous it is. Racism is a dirty word thrown around it will stick like shit to a blanket which will damage any club. Ourselves are more at risk than most, we have progressed from the depths of hooliganism and NF hot beds to a cosmopolitan racial balanced club, maybe the best in Europe, but I would say miles ahead of most in the UK.

Racism is like cancer, once considered a white man’s disease in the persecution of black, Indian and Asian people, but today we can witness the raw and hate filled cancer in all of peoples colours, the ones which are the worst are the ones with agendas and chip on the shoulder. Most of us will or have been wronged at some point of our lives, and due to circumstance we’ve just had to take it. It does not mean we need to forget, but we should not pass our hate onto another person and make them a victim. This is clearly being done by several persons in media positions and you know who they are.

Chelsea as a club has progressed, we are European Champions with a global fan base and sponsors from many nations who look to the club to be a beacon of righteousness, we are dealing with cultures so very different from our own. We have to be seen in dealing with situations like this in a moral and professional manner. Whilst morals really don’t apply to our press, please take some comfort, that most nations ignore the British press as their “face” or reputation was damaged beyond repair long before you and I were born. This current bunch are laughed at in every toilet.

The club have to defend their position and as you can’t negotiate with a drunk who has lost that ability, you can’t negotiate with the FA who have clearly, changed rules in advance, conducted a biased independent trial (paid FA members is not independent) ignored the evidence from a law court, questioned a top magistrate, accused a person of perjury in court and ignored everything from one person, and not even questioned the other who has a dubious reputation.

The whole scam has been to nail a prominent figure of which the FA don’t like anyway, there is an agenda, there is malice a forethought, it is premeditated trial that Nero or Caligula would have been hard pressed to get away with even in Roman times. You cannot deal or negotiate with corrupt societies. In the same way you can not deal with terrorists. The FA are corrupt because they do not have a balance of rules and regulations that offers a fair and just hearing to any accused of a foul play. What makes it worse the FA themselves have been exempt from the same rule that they execute on others.

The new code of players conduct issued earlier this week, now has to be imposed upon some of the players of the England U21 team which was subject to appalling racism in Serbia, why might you ask? Well its a code of conduct that must be honoured at all costs, so now players will be hung by the bollocks because they kick off against racism. However the FA can choose not to apply the code of conduct, but then why is that right, these players have breached the code or should we say COC!… because in all truth it is COCK…. never a hint of double standards is there? and none of the FA members have to act to the code anyway.

Look, do you really want to know why we never got the FIFA World Cup in 2018 and 2022, well its not that we did not try, but the gobby Triesman was in charge , yes the same Triesman which is still witch hunting Terry. The bid was a farce from day, lots of infighting and it cost many million of pounds, including tax payers money not just FA and sponsors money. Well the rather questionable FIFA members took one look at the English FA and ran 100mph in the other direction, even some very questionable people at FIFA look at our FA and say “just don’t go there. oh, and what an outstanding fuss our FA made about it at being lied too by FIFA members …. pot calling kettle back …. or is that racist?

Triesmen was kicked out in disgrace and too right the man is a prize prat.

Anyway on to a topic of amazing laughter, UEFA have charged the FA of unsatisfactory conduct of or behaviour of their players and some incidents at the end of the game (wow another double worded charge to get a fat cheque punishment) so, the FA are now facing a trumped up charge which they can complain all about until the cows come home, but will have to accept and pay the fine ….. must be worth at least 500,000 euros! I love it, so funny, what goes around comes around. It’s on their record too. English FA can’t control players (erm p*ss up in a brewery?)

However where Chelsea have failed badly is to denounce the FA as a farce, but in the same breath condone racism. I know its sounds double standards, and maybe the club if it has any balls left after this, will keep its power dry to highlight every failing that a FA member falls foul of, which let’s be fair, the vast majority are on borrowed time anyway.

To represent your country is in sporting terms the highest honour anyone can have. However to represent the current FA as a footballer for England I for one could not do even if I was the best English footballer in the world. Why? I would be supporting a clandestine, biased, two-faced, double standard, organisation and even I have some morals left after my years in the unniversity of life.

We have to impress on our club, and our players not to represent the FA for England, it’s a tough call, but until we make a stand against them otherwise nothing will change. Terry did the right thing, his position was untenable, in fact, if you want to support a just and honest system and even kick out racism then you can’t support this FA on anything. Bernstein is, or has applied to change FA rules to stay on, because at 69 he has to leave when he reaches 70! double standards …. well what do you think?

All the greatest generals in history have said, never fight a battle you can’t win, unless it will mortally weaken you enemy. This time it won’t, the club has more to lose than win, but it can chip away at the FA or individuals.

Just wait until some people retire or move on or get sacked, then it’s open season on a personal level.

Don’t get mad …. give it time and get even.

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