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AA040001I wasn’t really bothered about the World Club Championship – don’t get me wrong – I would rather we’d have won it, but I was more annoyed over the way we lost it rather than the loss of the actual trophy.

Annoyed that Benitez chose the wrong starting line-up and then that he proceeded to make like for like substitutions as the Brazilians started to get on top. Of course, Torres missing gilt edged chances also didn’t help, but then we should be used to that by now – but (and I really am not making excuses for him here) – playing as the lone striker is doing no one any favours.

I am still of the opinion that Benitez offers nothing more than Di Matteo did and little will dissuade me otherwise. I think now whatever the results, he will be here to the end of the season – I can’t see Abramovich losing face by sacking the man and so effectively admitting he made a mistake – and even if he wanted to – who would take his place? Zenden? Grant?

Every game now looks a potential banana skin – starting with the hated Leeds this week – our inconsistent form will not be helped by jet-lag so I don’t even know how to call this one.

Usually I would be buzzing about a trip to Leeds – they have always been one of Chelsea’s most hated rivals but I feel I am almost going through the motions at the moment. The decision to bring Benitez to the club has caused factions within the support and has certainly made me feel very ambivalent about the season. There have not been many other times that I have felt so disassociated with the team that has been interwoven in everything I have done from the age of about six.

The thing is that I support Chelsea with my heart as well as my head – probably even more so. The soul of my club is as important to me as all those nice shiny trophies and modern football just chips away at that as you become more successful. There are unwritten rules which were previously followed in terms of what and who would be accepted by the supporters – and by that I mean those that actually go to the game. We are not held in such high regard these days of course and we are just one of a number of “revenue streams”.

What I find more disturbing is the new generation of football fans that think that this is acceptable; that people like me are dinosaurs and should become realists. If I was a realist I would hardly feel it’s acceptable to pay £50 plus for a game of football and be treated like a third class citizen in the process would I?

For me football has to be about emotion – you have to feel emotionally tethered to your team and you have to feel that that is reciprocated to some degree even if you accept that that has lessened as we have become more successful. When clubs go totally against the wishes of its most ardent supporters, there is a danger of alienating the support – of breaking the spell that keeps us so irrevocably & unquestionably loyal to the team – to do absolutely anything to follow them & defend them. You lose those people – you lose the heart and the soul of the club – and that is almost impossible to ever get back.

I have seen many supporters lose the faith – during the most successful period of our history – specifically because those that govern our club have given no thought to the supporters – to ticket prices, to the next generation of fans, to supporter issues and now having no qualms in appointing a man that many despise.

Some may think that I am being overly sentimental or that I am over emphasising the effect that hiring Benitez has had – but I know many for whom this was the final straw.

I try not to make irrevocable decisions – I am hanging on desperately to the hope that Benitez is temporary and that this is just one of those boulders thrown in our way to make us re-affirm our faith – all be it a very big boulder!!.

I’m sure Roman has a surprise or two up his sleeve which will pacify those easily swayed by a trophy signing but many of us will not forgive so easily. This whole episode will leave its mark. But then Abramovich and his cohorts probably don’t particularly care about fans like me anyway – not rich enough, not gullible enough, not accepting enough, not adoring of the hierarchy enough.

There will be some of you out there – Chelsea fans included, who will be shaking their heads at the “ingratitude” I am showing towards Abramovich, given all the success that he has bought to Chelsea – two things – I supported Chelsea before Abramovich and the trophies and I shall still be here after – my support is not based on anything so fleeting as success – it’s based on the fact that I KNOW I support the best football team in the world no matter where we are in whatever league.

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10 thoughts on “Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

  • Been reading these for a while now. Such a difficult topic to try and explain, but you’ve done an excellent job here and echo the thoughts of myself and many others. Concerned would be the best way to describe how I feel about Wednesday, being a younger fan, I’m still buzzing about a trip to Elland Road for the first time, but I’ve now given up my trips to Stoke, Newcastle and Everton. Our Home + Away atmosphere is dying , slowly but surely, because of what has been done to the club. Bring on next season.

  • malden blue

    I am amazed at how many people think Chelsea have a devine right to win everything, its almost Scouseresque this feeling of entitlement

    We dont, Roman has however put us in a position where that is possible though, we are currently undergoing a much needed transitional period where after losing many of the world class power house figures that made us succesfull previously, a new promising and much younger crop of players are being bedded in

    And what do we get – this hysteria, get behind the team for gods sake, other clubs fans would give their right arm for the success we have had of late

  • Dave Share

    Malden Blue is typical of the Roman can do no wrong and everyone else is a twit just SAY NO

  • TrueblueTerri

    Once again Trizia you have taken the thoughts out of my head & the words out of my mouth. Maybe it is just our age and the length of time supporting the club but one of the greatest years in the clubs history has left many feel totally disillusioned by the way it is run & with a bad taste in the mouth.
    It does not mean we don’t appreciate what RA has done for us but our gratitude shouldn’t mean we blindly accept everything thrust upon us.
    Malden Blue we above all do not believe we have a divine right to win everything & it will surely be us supporting our team wherever we are in the league & in whichever league we are in.

  • ProudBlue64

    What a great article – I am one of those people who are on the brink of calling it a day. I know that I won’t be missed by those running our club – but they should be bothered as we in the past have bought the next generation through the doors – thing is, I can’t afford to – & even if I could they could never really experience what it was like when we were all in it together.

  • SammyD

    So many if us feeling like this at the moment & either the club have no idea or as you say – they don’t care – not sure what is worse. When we go through hard times – and that will happen at some point – then the Johnny Come Lately’s will abandon us – and who will be left? The die-hards will have either been priced out or left out of disillusionment
    – what then.

    Someone should send this article to Gourlay, Buck & Abramovich

  • chelsfan

    that was a great article, it wont change anything but it is what we feel. Benitez has no right being at Chelsea he don’t like us we hate him. he has know tactical knowledge and less people skills. i am at a loss as to why he was hired in the first place, it is obvious Abramovich dos not care what we think and that’s his choice but its us the fans that were here way before him and it would be nice if he just stopped and listened to us.

  • Sammy d, I agree with the article and your comments.

    I hate to say it but ” boys in blue in div 2 ” sounds quite appertizing at the moment.
    At least I wouldn’t have to deal with or be embarrassed by the tourist’s who turn up at home fixtures.
    Would rather have 25k of proper support than 41k at a home game. Seriously thinking of just following chelsea away, at least I will feel at home.

  • chelsfan

    well iv seen it all now 25 minutes to go and he takes off a defender and brings on………..a defender. we lose a striker sent off he takes off a………………..striker. 5 minutes to go he takes off a defender and brings on a…………defender the mans a moron who would not know an attacking lineup if it was written down for him in his precious notes.

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