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AA040001Everton are a good side; they certainly gave us a run for our money on Sunday. They worked hard as a team, they gave the proverbial 110%, they chased every ball and made sure they were first to that ball. They have pretty good players too – not the best – probably just that level below the best – and because of that, they will not quite be able to consistently challenge for a top four finish – and because of that they of course will not receive Champions League money – and because of that they will only be able to buy pretty good players – rather than the best – an eternal circle of averageness….

Blood and thunder and determination will only give you so much – to really challenge you need to buy from that elite pool of players – and even then, you need someone who is talented enough to devise tactics that will make the most of all their individual strengths, keep them all contented and even then, lady luck plays her part.

The point I am trying to make is that signing players like Victor Moses and Demba Ba will only get you so far. I appreciate that in every squad along with your superstars there need to be some foot soldiers – but when you buy these type of players and at the same time let the likes of Frank Lampard go, well then you really are asking for trouble. Your foot soldiers also need to be of a certain calibre – as TSO used to say – a constant 7/10. Moses alternates from looking like a decent player & then nothing more than a Wigan player & Ba is a crock.

Frank Lampard hasn’t needed to plead his case to anyone – he has let his past record and his current form do the talking – it is no co-incidence that Chelsea are unbeaten in the 11 games that he has played in.

The thing that most intrigues me is who exactly has made this decision that Lampard’s contract should not be renewed? I can’t imagine it’s the interim head coach’s – he has played Lampard when available so he must rate him. Is it Michael Emenalo? A man who’s lack of experience makes Avram Grant look like Alex Ferguson. Perhaps it’s Abramovich? I can’t see this either – he wants winners – Frank is a winner and has shown no sign of being less so this season than any other recent season.

Or is it, as I suspect, a money decision. Frank Lampard is reputed to be the second highest earner at the club (Terry being top dog). Why else would a club want to get rid of a such an important player and a crowd favourite to boot?

Whatever the reason behind this decision, the fans deserve an explanation. Of course, we will receive nothing of the sort – who is going to step forward to defend the indefensible?

Speaking of which – back to Demba Ba. Now I am assuming that Ba is the donkey we intend to buy to keep the thoroughbred, who is also on our shopping list, company? Ba is an OK player – for a crock, but is he any better than Sturridge? It doesn’t take a genius to work that one out – a 28 year old journeyman who has played for the likes of West Ham and who failed a medical for Stoke probably due to issues following serious injuries which have hampered his career ever since against a highly regarded 23 year old who has shown glimpses of real promise which he is expected to full fill should he be given a decent run in the team. Tough one that….

Wonder which has the higher wage expectations?

Of course, this is all supposition on my part – I am assuming that there is some trophy signing waiting in the wings ready to be unveiled in a shower of glitter to try and distract our attention from the fact that we still have a man the majority of us hate managing the team? Someone to play alongside Torres or instead of Torres? One would assume alongside although it does seem akin to a gambling addict who has lost 50 million pounds risking another 60,70, 80 million to try and recoup it – or to try and save face….

So what of Torres – to be honest, most of the time I actually forget he’s playing. He still isn’t getting the kind of service that a single striker should expect, but I think that is down to the fact that those who are meant to be doing the providing fancy their chances in front of goal more than passing to the forlorn Spaniard. When he does get the ball he seems either so surprised to have received it, that he is momentarily stunned allowing him to be robbed of it almost immediately, or he swings out a miserably weak leg and we all groan at another chance gone begging. Not sure Maradona and Pele in their prime could resurrect his Chelsea career to be honest.

So as we bid farewell to 2012 I want to put everything currently going on to the back of my mind for the time being, and draw my memory back to the 19th May – Munich – in their city and their stadium where I was privileged enough to see my team make history – 120 minutes of agonising suspense, followed by a moment of unadulterated joy – thank you 2012 – it’s been emotional

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