Chelsea Supporters Group Backs Ticket Price Cap

M2081S-1025The Chelsea Supporters Group fully back calls to introduce a price cap charged to away fans, and will work with the Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct to lobby to bring about change within the Premier League.

CSG vice-chair and FSF National Council Member, Michelle Shaw, in August submitted a paper on this subject to the FSF calling for such a cap.

Prices have reached ridiculous levels at many clubs, with Chelsea, QPR & Norwich (amongst others) charging £50 plus to visiting supporters, and Arsenal now breaking the £60 barrier, directly flying in the face of the current economic downturn.

Fans of successful teams, like Chelsea, fair worst in terms of clubs which operate a category price system, as they are classed as top category and therefore pay top category prices at every club within the league.

Supporters of all clubs must unite to put pressure on decision makers to reassess ticket prices.

Many fans recognise that a tipping point has been reached in regard to ticket prices and the whole landscape of football is in danger of changing.  With the core supporters at every club being priced out, atmosphere and attendances will decline, making football a less attractive proposition for sponsors and TV companies alike, and so it is in all our interests to ensure the enjoyment of attending a football match is available to the ordinary supporter for many years to come.

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