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AA040001I have to admit I had my reservations about Demba Ba; given our largely poor record when signing strikers, I fully expected the injury which has seen him fail medicals for other clubs, manifest itself as soon as he pulled on the royal blue – but instead he was a revelation.

I’m not going to get carried away just yet, as it was only Southampton, but so used I had become to a virtually immobile centre forward, that to see an individual moving, wanting the ball, making space for others, actually scoring goals, that for me and many other Chelsea fans it was akin to having Maradona in his prime playing for us!

Only when you have a player looking to make an impression, can you fully appreciate how little Torres has been doing, especially in these last few weeks. Many of us have made a lot of excuses for the Spaniard – he needed to settle in, then he wasn’t getting the playing time, then he wasn’t getting the service, he was playing in Drogba’s shadow – we cheered him, we encouraged him, we did everything possible to make it work for him – and in all honesty we got very little in return. I also believe that the Benitez appointment was specifically to try and get him back to some semblance of the form he had at Liverpool – fail!

I can only hope that Demba Ba continues in the way that he started and that Torres finally understands that to get rewards on the pitch, he needs to put in that kind of effort. If not, then we really need to part company as I think we have carried him for too long.

Isn’t it bizarre that two loyal servants to the club are nearer to the exit door than him despite their ongoing contribution….

Speaking of hopefully learning lessons, let’s hope Benitez learnt a very valuable one against QPR – although given his comments following that debacle it seems that he still thinks he was in the right. Only a moron can expect to make that many changes to a team and not expect a detrimental effect; what I think that annoyed me most though, was the fact that it was evident very quickly that changes were needed if we were going to get any sort of result – yet he waited until his usual 60 minute mark to make the first change then his other two with 15 & 10 minutes left respectively. His stubbornness is just another trait of his that does little to enamour him to me or many others. As egotistical as Mourinho was, even he would make swift changes should it become apparent that the set up wasn’t working. To leave Ramires, Mata and Hazard all on the bench was simply an act of stupidity and the results were plain to see – the team starved of most of its creativity were reduced to taking pot shots from 20/30 yards.

The rumour mill has our previous very strong link to a move for  Falcao now getting more unlikely as the weeks go by. This is frustrating as following the Super Cup the papers were reporting this as a virtual done deal with only timing to be agreed. This is all sounding very familiar; Athletico led us a right merry dance with Aguero too – with his arrival at Stamford Bridge being “virtually guaranteed” in every transfer window for almost three years – until he signed for City.

Of course, this is fairly common in football these days – money talks – except that during all this time, Athletico have had the services of one of the highest regarded young goal keepers in the world – Thibaut Cortois. Cortois is of course a Chelsea player – and I think we need to start playing hard ball with the Spanish club if they continue to mess us around. Recall him – we are in need after all with Cech’s injury. It’s about time we started integrating him into the team anyway.

Cech is not getting any younger and the injuries will begin to get more frequent as they inevitably do with older players, Bring Cortois back – guarantee him all cup games and of course to step in for injuries. If we don’t reclaim him soon, we will invariably lose him – and quality keepers seem to be in short supply these days. Some may feel that I am being unfair on Turnbull but he is not the calibre of keeper for a club who aspires to the title every season – as patronising as that may sound, it is the truth and to be honest its more by luck than judgement that we haven’t suffered more through a lack of decent cover.

Speaking of young talented players, I seem to be in a minority of Chelsea fans who are sorry to see Daniel Sturridge go – especially to a club which has such an intense rivalry with us. Many accuse him of being greedy, egotistical & difficult – but he is still young. I predict he will do very well at Liverpool sadly – how long before we regret the decision? I have it on good authority he wanted away as he felt he had lost the fans – ironic that we have given Torres so much support, yet a kid who has shot instead of passed a couple of times has had to suffer the boo-boys & been largely written off by many. Let’s hope he’s not what Liverpool needed to help them out of their recent doldrums otherwise this could be a pretty hard lesson learned by Chelsea and the fans

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11 thoughts on “Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

  • Suffolk Blue

    Excellent stuff, Trizia

    • Trizia

      Thankyou very much 🙂

  • jonesy

    Good article Trizia , i agree about Sturridge too, he did deserve his chance to play out and out centre-forward, especially in the light of Torres being so hopelessly out of form for much of the season so far .

    • Hope we don’t live to regret it….

  • El Metro

    I enjoy your articles Trizia and followed your posts on CC going back to 2001. For once though I think you are wrong. Sturridge was not a winger, nor a striker, was one footed, always cut inside and invariably dragged his shot wide, was predictable and rarely got his head up to see the bigger picture.I think he has gone to a club that matches his talent. However, I do feel that we need another striker as I think Torres has finally lost it.

    • But do you think his greed was down to the fact that he didn’t get many chances – so when he did get the oppertunity to play he tried to hard to make an impression instead of thinking of the “team”

      • El Metro

        I can understand that viewpoint and many highly regarded and high scoring strikers will say that it is all about scoring goals.But he was never going to get many chances whilst Didi was the main man and Nando was ahead of him. Maybe Studge did try too hard, but he clearly didn’t have the talent to be able to achieve what he was attempting. However, his other problem was that given how many “number 10’s” and attacking midfielders there are in the game as a whole, the role of the centre forward as we knew it has diminished amd I don’t think he could see that. Just a personal opinion. Regards, Warren

  • Tony Davis

    I agree with pretty much everything you have said and have been saying the same for a while now… On the subject of Señor Torres, he does move, not into the same spaces admittedly. It is my belief that despite being a £50 million player (yes that seems to be everybody else’s obsession), he actually needs coaching to improve and gain confidence… The hesitant first touch is really his undoing.
    Turnbull is a nice lad, but watching him fail to bark orders in the same way that petr does, is testament to a lack of confidence and to the fact that he should be our third choice keeper….

  • james collins

    Excellent article trizia. Torres is finished , he doesnt give a toss about our team or club. Ba showed more desire and willingness in one game than nando has done in two years, only problem , who will buy him now. Sturridge didnt seem to fit in from day one and when he did play he just looked greedy and impetuous. Good business getting 12mil for him.

    • Trizia

      I do seem to be in the minority with Sturridge – suppose we’ll never know

  • I reckon Chelsea could’ve got more for Sturridge as he is a hot English prospect, and all the past hot English prospects have been sold for big money like Downing, £20M, Carroll £35M, Oxlade-Chamberlain £12M.

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