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31533_393342466346_697701346_4680431_4277566_nHaving been made aware of a couple of situations at the last home game in relation to individuals being told to remove banners, & also in relation to a proposed banner being allegedly targeted for removal once unveiled, the Chelsea Supporters Group contacted the club for clarification.

We stressed that supporters should be permitted to display any banner as long as it was not offensive & wanted confirmation on the policy to help stop rumours & inform supporters of what was permitted & what was not.

We received the following reply

“Thank you for your email.

I would like to make clear the club does not have a policy of banning or censoring banners other than those which are threatening, offensive, discriminatory or would obstruct the view of others.

Large banners can present safety concerns and are required to hold fire certificates before they will be permitted into the ground.

In the past year supporters have freely displayed banners and signs expressing a range of opinions without club intervention.

There has been no change to this policy.”

Most professional banner makers will provide a fire certificate on request for the banners they manufacture.

Although this seems overly zealous in terms of Health & Safety from the club, it is re-assuring to receive confirmation that there is no censorship & fans may display what they want within reason, all be it in an expensive manner as professionally made banners are not cheap.

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  • Just a little naive, T… all depends on the Chelsea Board’s definition of banners “which are threatening, offensive, discriminatory or would obstruct the view of others.” Sensitive souls Roman’s appointees…

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