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AA040001I am seriously beginning to wonder whether Benitez is now on some sort of wind-up. Like he’s realised that he has little chance of retaining the manager’s job further than the end of the season so has decided to get his own back by doing his utmost not only to ensure we are out of contention for any silver wear, but also ensuring that we fall out of the Champions League places. I can see no other reason for his frankly bizarre substitutions & some of his starting line-ups.

When he substituted Lampard, the midfielder walked straight past the interim coach – eyes straight ahead – even from my vantage point in the Upper tier at the Ethiad I could see that Frank was furious. You could argue that Hazard had even more reason to be annoyed, given that he had looked very lively in the first half & was one of only a few players who looked likely to score.

Indeed, ask almost anyone watching that game who should come off & I imagine “Ramires” would have been the universal reply. He was not having a great game, had been booked & was playing a very dangerous game with his constant fouls – yet Benitez saw fit to leave him on & take Lampard off who can always be fancied for a goal & Hazard who at least was looking a problem for the opposition.

Benitez’s delusional interviews where he still insists we are “improving” under his tenure are also turning me into a gibbering maniac – this is not bravado – he is arrogant, stubborn & stupid enough to actually believe that this is true; the small gap between us & United has now become a yawning, unbridgeable chasm & our team which was a team of talented individuals, all be it in transition, looks like a group of mid-table journeymen strangers.

This along with his refusal to even attempt to make amends for his past barbs at the fans demonstrates a man who will not acknowledge his own foibles – even when laid bare for the world to see – if he won’t acknowledge them, he won’t change either which makes the rest of the season look very bleak indeed.

Many fans believed that his position would not be called into question unless our Champions League qualification place was in danger – we have now reached that stage; the owner & the board need to decide whether their own egos are worth more than the future of the club. This is their mess & the longer they leave it, the longer it will take to clear up & the more long term damage will be done.

One thing Benitez has managed to do though is finally unite the support – even those previously willing to give him a chance now acknowledge that they were backing a lame horse. Being part of a Chelsea crowd at the moment is a surreal experience – seething hatred & abject misery does not make for a lively atmosphere – we are going through the motions – just as the team seem to be doing.

Ferguson must be laughing himself silly – one of the easiest titles in his long & illustrious career – even more astonishing given the fact that this is probably one of the most ordinary United sides for years. They have had no real competition since Arsenal pressed the self-destruct button pre-season by selling them Van Persie, then we wrestled that button off them by employing the unemployable Benitez & City have proved little more than one season wonders at the moment even given their team of super-stars.

The next two weeks could see us fall out of contention for everything, I wonder what the board & owner have in the envelope marked “Plan C” – as “Plan B” has been such an unmitigated disaster it doesn’t bode well but could it possibly be any worse?

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16 thoughts on “Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

  • Peter T

    I can’t ever remember being so unispired about going to watch our club.
    Roman and his ‘ill advisors’ have ripped the soul out of Chelsea and appointing the FSW has just about topped it off!
    Never wanted a season to end so much so we can get Benitez out and somehow try and re-build the mess that he has made!
    I just hope it is not too late by then and the players can unite around each other untill this time comes, somehow though, I doubt it! Frank and JT’s reactions on Sunday said it all I’m afraid.

    • Trizia

      So true – a season that should have been one of celebration has been one of the worst in living memory in terms of all aspects of the club – very sad

  • Spot on Trizia.

    It feels like the club is at war with it’s senior players and fans. Not a good situation.

    All I can say is I hope no one renews their season ticket until we have a guarantee that Benitez won’t be there beyond May. That is about the only power the supporters have over the club.

    • Trizia

      The club do not seem to want to give us that guarantee – which does not bode well

  • Fred Nelson

    I love my wife, my 2 kids, my 2 dogs and CFC. If anyone harmed my wife, kids or dogs I would turn green and call myself Hulk
    My CFC has been harmed and I feel green and about 4 stone heavier
    Please Roman desist from your obduracy. Relent from your mad vengeance on us the poor fans who you took to euphoria just 9 months ago
    My last game at the Bridge was versus Brentford where I heard thousands singing their hearts out for their team. Unfortunately it was the gold and black garlanded fans in the Shed End
    We need leaders on the Board and in the Managers office. We have leaders on the field but they have been mentally scarred by what has happened since November
    For the first time in 50 years of supporting my beloved CFC I am beginning to think my £100 for ticket, train and food is wasted. I never thought I would feel like this
    Give us our leader – anyone with flair and footballing nous please. Jose, Hiddink, Robson (he’s dead but still better than the incumbent). Anyone but RB

    • Trizia

      So very sad to read comments like this from supporters who are the very heart of the club – the club just don’t care as all they are concerned with is the yen & the rouble

    • Not THE Fred Nelson? The telephone man??

  • Blue Bike RACER

    The difference between now and the 80’s is then we were what we were.. ordinairy, now we are potentially the best team in the league and we play like apub team at times, that’s why it hurts so much.
    Last seasons euphoria and this seasons is like bedding Camaron Diaz and then finding out youe willy has now droped off

    • Trizia

      Absolute quality comment!!!

  • TrueblueTerri

    I can’t say that you speak for us all Trizia but unfortunately what you articulate so well in your blog represents what an ever increasing number of fans are feeling. Never have I felt so despondent and dispirited as I do now and that is despite remembering languishing in Division 2 and match after match of losses. Today I have stated publicly that regardless of the incumbent I will be forgoing my Season Ticket for the next season and probably many more. Mr Abramovic and his board along with the Fat Spanish Waiter have done their very best to rip the heart and soul out of my club and I can no longer bear it. Thanks as ever for writing from your heart.

    • Trizia

      So sad to read that but you are one of many who have said something similar – they are alienating the very core support – it’s heartbreaking


    JT with his head in his hands. Frank in disbelief at being substituted.
    Ramires staying on despite being out of position and well below par.
    Brana seemingly unable to pass to anyone in blue at the moment.
    We can’t even keep the ball at our own throw ins.
    And the FSW continues to say we are moving in the right direction. Maybe for him but he’s dragging the players and the fans down too far. He’s overdue for the sack. Get him out now.

    • Trizia

      The thing is why does he keep doing – he is a football manager & these are basic basic things!!!

  • I feel for everyone who has posted. The City match was really depressing, not because we lost, but because we played poorly. It was going to be very hard to beat City at the Etihad, but our passing and tactics and substitutions were silly. We got bossed around, knocked off the ball by Toure.

    I read Rafa’s sunny comments about an improving squad and I wonder if he believes the drivel coming from his mouth. He’s awful; the supporters despise him and I think the squad does too. He can’t go soon enough.

  • Don’t know about you lot but it sickens me to see the obvious relationship between AVB and the Spurs players. I think our senior players are being pushed out because they had something to do with his departure from the Bridge – except Ash who apparently doesn’t get involved – JT and Frank plus Drogs who still had two years in him.

  • Agree with many comments on here, but most (as usual, as elsewhere) focus their justifiable loathing on Benitez. He is deserving of contempt. But the problem at Chelsea is far more a question of an owner who likes yes-men and cronies around the place rather than strong, experienced football people. The back-stabbing culture brought the unqualified Avram Grant into play, a “Director of Football” allowed to sit behind Mourinho and (to all intents and purposes) ease him out. The same culture saw Ray Wilkins pushed after reportedly supporting the players against Abramovich and his cronies’ criticisms. The same culture sees Emenalo slotted in (and informing against/undermining/back-stabbing Robbie di Matteo?) where a cursory review of his experience would not have got him so far as an interview for the role of “Technical Director”. So Benitez was wrong, is wrong for CFC; but unless Abramovich gets shot of his appalling cronies we are going precisely nowhere.

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