Another Miserable Performance [by Gary Watton]


Champions_League_CFC_PicThis isn’t quite the nightmare November that we suffered under Ancelotti and Di Matteo, but last night’s efforts were woeful.

Two defeats against Basel [a good team, but hardly world-beaters] is firm proof that Chelsea are light years away from winning the Champions League. Mind you, the same could easily have been said when we got stuffed 3-1 in Napoli, and somehow, by hook or by crook, we managed to lift the ultimate prize three months later. However, no such fairytale ending awaits this time unless Chelsea move up the gears and find an enormous improvement on that toothless display in Switzerland.

Our fluency was completely missing and we couldn’t string half a dozen passes together. Oscar was peripheral. He worries me. Yes he is scoring goals and creating too, but he doesn’t half go missing in many major matches. Perhaps he needs to play in a central role, as an attacking midfielder, where he has the guile to unlock defences. He doesn’t have the pace to be on the wing.

Why was Hazard not played? He has the speed to trouble defences. Admittedly, Willian did okay and is growing into his Chelsea career. Should Schurrle not have started? He has played best in the Champions League, so last night was an obvious opportunity for someone who has done nothing of note in the English Premiership, other than his tap-in against Manchester mercenaries.

We definitely don’t look like candidates to win either of the two leagues, and we may have to concentrate on winning the domestic cups, which is still no bad thing, and at least is a continuation of our silverware bragging rights. However, I am sick and tired of our soccer being a distant second to the hyped Arse-nil in quality.

I am sorry to have to say this to you ‘Jose can do no wrong’ brigade but Chelsea won with style home and away against Basel under Rafa Benitez. It is high time Mourinho started to deliver some exciting football instead of blowing endless hot air about the attractive football that is some day coming our way.

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7 thoughts on “Another Miserable Performance [by Gary Watton]

  • adriano

    sloppy perfomance
    Oscar no where to be seen same as Lampard & Ramires.

    • Richard Carey

      Soccer!!!!!!!!!!!! sums up the complete cr*p you spout, do you know anything football? I think not

  • Nobbi 10

    Dear Gary Watton, after such a good post, you showed how truly you are, i am not a Jose can do no wrong grp, cos all are human, it shows your bias, ok, you have compared Basel games for Benitez, why not show you are Genuine and compare all the games like how we got shafted by Mancity 6 times before Jose return, common i appreciate intelligent positions not you half way submissions, your bias has destroyed your right to any position on Chelsea right now

  • Steve

    I’m as disappointed as anyone with last nights display and having been at St James recently didn’t think I’d see a repeat performance quite so quickly.

    That said with the quality of the squad and we know Jose’s quality, I’m fairly relaxed about where we are at the moment. Too often we’ve got off to a good start in recent years (RDM, CA) only to falter and drift away. I have confidence that the starting XI and tactics will soon start to bed in. And as its often been said as long as you’re in touch when the traditional Xmas decorations come down (as well as the Arse-nil form) then that’s when a strong consistent run will pick up the major prizes.

    We should also remind ourselves that we’re only 4 points behind as well as being in the last 16 of CL so not all doom and gloom.

    Up the Blues!

  • Gary – what utter trip in your last paragraph – Benitiz won a second rate mickey mouse UEFA cup. Like most Chelsea fans lately you only seem interested in instant success. Would you not think it would take more than 12 games in the league for Jose to build a new team? He doesn’t have a strike force available to him like he did in his initial spell or even close to what the likes of City/United have at their disposal. But know you expect us to be playing wonderful football 12 games in and undefeated. Get real for Christ sake!

    • jonesy

      “He doesn’t have a strike force available to him like he did in his initial spell or even close to what the likes of City/United have at their disposal” ..

      But Jose did let Lukaku go to Everton ! .. I`ve lost all patience with Torres

      • Are you really comparing Lukaku to Rooney/Van Persie/Hernandez or Negredo/Aguero/Dzeko? Jose explained the Lukaku deal when he said it was Ba leaving on loan to Arsenal until they signed Ozil, then that deal was off.Lukaku was offered the chance to stay but he said he wanted first team football and would rather leave for the season if he wasnt going to be first choice.

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