Safe Standing

What is Safe Standing? – Safe Standing involves the installation of Rail Seating where seats and safety barriers are arranged in rows. The seats can be locked into an upright position to allow spectators to stand between the barriers or unlocked to convert back into a seating area – Further information about Safe Standing can be obtained from the Football Supporters Federation Safe Standing Campaign and the Safe Standing Roadshow – If you have any comments that we can take forward then please leave them as shown or you can e-mail us direct here – The results from the Safe Standing Survey will be available to download here from Friday 6th June.

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6 thoughts on “Safe Standing

  • Terry

    shed lower and MHL going safe standing would help sort out 2 problems .. 1. capacity
    2. younger fans being encouraged back into SB and stop the ageing of our home support


    It would also mean the friends can stand together improving the atmosphere

  • Malcolm Spillard

    These are urgently needed. No one sits especially at away matches. This current situation is a lethal disaster waiting to happen. With all standing — we have PASSION FFS — WE WILL NEVER SIT DOWN, one day there is going to be a bad fall, cascading down the terraces, that will result in many injuries.

  • Driver on the wing

    Safe standing is a great idea for sections of the ground. It means that where standing occurs as a matter of course, it can be managed safely.

    BUT, it is not standing on the terraces of old. Everyone will have a preassigned space to stand in. There is unlikely to be much of an increase in capacity if any. Prices will not fall.

    It means that people will stand in a space which is designed for standing, rather than standing is seats which are not designed for standing.

    It is a great idea and to be supported but the two arguments put forward as positives of safe standing simply won’t apply.

  • Steve

    Not fully aware of the details but will this be akin to the old WS benches in that you have a ticket for the safe standing area rather than a designated ‘seat’.
    If this is the case then lets trail it.

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