A ‘Costly’ Purchase? [by Gary Watton]


CostaAm I the only person who has misgivings about the imminent acquisition of Diego Costa? The geezer who looks like he wouldn’t be out of place as a bandit in a Sergio Leone spaghetti western has gone badly off the boil in the last weeks of the season, while in the World Cup, he has looked distinctly wooden. Is he going to be the latest in a long line of duds that Chelsea have splashed the cash for?

His reputation seems to be based on a rich vein of form earlier in the 2013-14 season, but that seems a long way off now. At the business end of the campaign, when it mattered most, against the biggest challenges, Diego Costa has been fairly average. His performances over the two legs against Chelsea were nothing to write home about, while the goals dried up both for club and adopted country. Apologists will point to a recent injury, something which in itself is a cause for concern. Mourinho appears to have no qualms about a guy who has not kicked a ball in a Premiership match, while he is bursting to offload Lukaku who has a proven scoring record [at lesser clubs where he receives less service than would be the case at Chelsea]. Most sane observers are struggling to see the logic here. Let us just wait and see if Jose has shot himself in the foot, or whether this astute reader of the game is about to unleash a new terror upon Premiership defences. Certainly based upon the bare facts of his two World Cup appe
arances so far, Costa looks way too costly. He hasn’t had a shot on target and there must be at least half a dozen cheaper alternatives who are excelling at the World Cup.

Of course, Mourinho is almost certain to buy two centre forwards. This is a good idea, because as Dalglish and Liverpoo discovered when we foolishly gave them the funds in January 2011 after the sale of Torres, it’s best to buy two strikers, in case one under-achieves. So it came to pass. The Kopites paid big money for Andy Carroll, who ended up playing like someone called Carol, while their ‘lesser purchase’, Luis Suarez, has gone on to be a demon goalscorer. Chelsea similarly have bought two centre forwards in the past, probably with the same thought in mind, that if one should flop, then hopefully the other will deliver. Happily when we bought Hasselbaink and Gudjohnsen in 2000, they both proved to be good investments. Then in 2004, we bought Drogba and Kezman. Whilst the latter didn’t quite make the grade, the former became an absolute legend. Therefore, it will be necessary to buy another striker, just in case the untried Costa looks as uncomfortable in England as he does in his native Brazil. It certain
ly is a bad omen, when Costa gets replaced by Torres. Could that be a recurring theme over the next season?! Personally, I would have preferred the loose cannon of Mario Balotelli, who is younger than Costa, cheaper than Costa, and has actually a proven track record in England, unlike DC. Maybe Diego will bag a goal or two against mighty Australia to ‘vindicate’ his credentials…..big deal!

Well, at least there has been one consolation, thinks me, from Spain’s World Cup debacle. Cesc Fabregas has been kept under wraps. I so look forward to him excelling for a proper London club and rubbing the touchy Gooners up the wrong way. I would hate to see our precious new commodity get injured in Brazil, so if he gets little or no game time, then bravo. He will make up for it at the Bridge.

Meanwhile, back at the World Cup ranch, it’s quite clear that the decision to choose Leighton Baines ahead of Ashley Cole has not proved to be a wise one. Even Paul Scholes has admitted this. Of course, the charismatic Phil Neville will continue to act as an apologist for Baines. It’s funny how many Mancs and Scousers are dominating the media, promoting the cause of their club’s players.

Elsewhere, Ramires again got booked for a clumsy, mistimed tackle against Mexico, prompting his removal at half time. Will that guy ever learn? Does nobody warn him about his reckless tackles and general stupidity? Why is he preferred to Willian? Does David Luiz and his mates inspire you with confidence? No, me neither.

Finally, it’s obvious that Chelsea should never have let Arjen Robben go. That was a catastrophe. Chelsea would be truly unstoppable if we had Hazard on one flank and Robben on the other. Alas, it is but a daydream. Oh and England could have done with the Cahill and Terry partnership, but of course the red tops would be up in arms if their bete noir, JT, was back in the England fold. At least Frank Lampard looks set to captain England against Costa Rica. It is so good to see the previously untouchable Steven Gerrard belatedly cop some flak. Of course he has been a great player for club and country, but he has been lucky to avoid the abuse that has been heaped on Ashley, Frank, and John over the course of the last decade. Poor England. They must be the Tottenham of world football: full of high hopes and hype, but no end product.

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7 thoughts on “A ‘Costly’ Purchase? [by Gary Watton]

  • Well in my opinion he’ll be another Torres but more petulant. I think given what little I’ve seen of him he’ll likely pick up more cards than goals….. Nothing he’s done has impressed…I hope I’m wrong but I think he’s a waste of money…..

  • Well take a look at Lukakus form now under the World cup he has made Torres look like a 50million Pound striker.

    • Kevin, I totally agree. I hope our pessimism is wrong, but Costa looks ordinary. Lukaku has not excelled at the World Cup, but unlike Costa, he has proven himself in England. Jose clearly doesn’t rate him as Champions League material. I find that bizarre.

  • I think he will be great for us he is big, strong and made for premier league football. Only time will tell and we need to be patient with him. Costa and lukaku (if he stays ) will be great next season.

  • Fine post. I worry that Costa’s injury issue will become chronic. Lukaku is a talent, but his attitude is terrible, and that may be his downfall ultimately. Torres puts in the effort, but his goal scoring skills are long gone. What to do?

  • ish collins

    Lusaka is not good enough for Chelsea, he has,nt got the temperament to knuckle down and keep his mouth shut. Costa is a one season wonder and looked very ordinary at the world cup against good defenders. Way too much money for him. A much cheaper bet would be Remy or Wilfred bony, two proven goalscorers in the pl.

  • Phil, so Costa too much is big and strong. Well he’s just an overpriced Mick Harford. As for being patient, well nobody is patient any more. Owners, managers, fans, and even players have no patience any more. Every one at the big clubs demands success in an instant.

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