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AA040001As weeks go, this one has been one of the very worst for me for quite some time. It all started last Tuesday – I had a half day booked to travel up to Anfield in the afternoon. On my way to work I was feeling a bit hot, and a bit uncomfortable and a bit out of sorts but put it down to PMT – Pre Match Tension. By the time I emerged from the tube station I was looking forward to gulping some fresh air – what actually happened was I emerged from the tube station and promptly passed out!

Anyway, that heralded one of the most virulent bouts of “proper” flu that I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. That evening I watched the first leg of the semi-final in a semi-conscious haze propped up in front of the TV – first semi-final I have ever missed. But even in my nigh on delirious state I was uneasy about the line up Jose had chosen. And let’s be honest – they completely over-ran us and the fact that we still have everything to play for and an away goal tucked in our belts is down far more to luck than judgement.

I’m not actually sure what Mourinho was trying to do – lull them into some false sense of security and hit them with our “real” team and tactics tomorrow perhaps? Who knows.

By the time Saturday came round, I was still in no fit state to leave my bed. The game wasn’t on anywhere – not on TV, no dodgy online feeds – nothing, radio commentary only which I hadn’t done for so long that I’d forgotten just how painful it was. I have since watched brief highlights and can only congratulate Bradford. They played with belief and passion and fully deserved to win in such a manner.

For me, the biggest surprise was Mourinho. He said all the right things afterwards – I read his comments online and then again in the morning papers. But it was when I actually saw him being interviewed that I could appreciate that he actually looked shell-shocked, which is quite unnerving. I’ve never really seen him look like that before – like he really could not fathom what had just happened – I can only hope it was a temporary episode and he has now returned to a far more cognitive state of mind and is as we speak plotting the downfall of Liverpool and City.

I’m still convinced that there is something going on behind the scenes at the club that we are not privy too. Mourinho seems to be in a constant state of agitation. Bad tempered at the press conferences, now regularly picking fights with the support, scowling on the touch-line with low-key stone-faced “celebrations” when we score. He is clearly not happy – and an unhappy Jose is not the way to realise the great expectations of a club like Chelsea. This is of course just conjecture on my part but realistically, can anyone say he has been his normal laconic self for some time now? If you employ a man like Mourinho then you take him on on his terms – you allow him to play the game his way and most importantly, you back him no matter what – if he has been curtailed in any way the club will suffer for it – and for what? A slightly more sympathetic press? Don’t hold your breath.

He has foibles – we know that. But you accept them or choose someone else. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and then insist it only ever get driven at 20mph would you?

This week though could make everything ok or could plunge us deep into crisis. Getting knocked out of the FA Cup in one thing, but the manner in which we got knocked out was another entirely – but add a semi-final exit to Liverpool and follow that with opening the gate back up to City rather than slamming it shut on top of that FA cup exit – then people will start questioning desire, tactics, the manager, the squad etc.

This is where Mourinho needs to demonstrate his worth – and he needs to start by re-establishing his connection with the supporters. He hasn’t alienated the support as such yet but there is a lot of angry talk on the terraces. Mourinho does everything for a reason and I’m sure whatever it is, this made sense to him at the time but what has it achieved? Nothing but a fractured support as far as I can see.

The club was never stronger and more successful than when totally united with its support and never was the crowd so vociferous as when Manager and players would tear towards us in unbridled jubilation. The connection at the moment is strained all be it currently cordial but unless he cuts out this bitching things could turn nasty very quickly.

Time for actions not words

Posted by Trizia

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5 thoughts on “Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

  • Good post. I love Jose but sometimes he bemuses me, I don’t like the sitting on one goal lead stuff, as evidenced by the Scousers last week, we could have buried them by half time but instead settled for an away goal and a draw, which to be fair we’d possibly have taken before the game but I feel we invite teams to attack and get caught out. You have a point about alienating the supporters, its good to wind them up sometimes but not to annoy them to any degree. Lets go for a good couple of wins and everything will be rosy :)!

  • Very negative and quiet unbelievable article this week.

    Top of the league by 5 points fresh after a 5 goal.demolition of Swansea.

    Safely into champions league knock out stages, in a very good position in the league cup.

    And two bad performances and all.of a sudden Jose is fighting with everyone and the terraces aren’t happy!!

  • I don’t understand why it’s mentioned here that the match goers have a fractured relationship with Jose now.

  • ShedUpperMan

    I think Trizia is right to comment on the relationship with the fans – JM has made a couple of observations which have put more than a few noses out of joint. If you don’t believe me, check out the reaction on twitter on Saturday when someone posted a fake interview with JM slating the fans at SB… a lot of people reacted badly without stopping to think whether it was genuine because they were *already* pissed off with Jose digging them out.

  • Jose needs to be totally in charge, otherwise we are heading for another storm at The Bridge. His demeanour is very worrying, it is almost looking like he has had his wings clipped a little, and is not happy about it at all.
    His relationship with the support is still pretty good, we still love the guy, but too many negative comments may engender ill feeling with some. The atmosphere problem will continue at Stamford Bridge, as it does at all grounds nowadays, until there is an area of grounds where the vociferous support can congregate.
    Good article as usual Trizia, it is all about personal points of view after all.

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