Things Are Looking Pretty Damn Good

Look lets be honest, the past 11 years have been pretty damn good.

10366312_10152541629821347_7414234467025073516_nThe previous 11 to that were not that bad either, so in truth we been strutting our stuff for 20 years, so hardly Johnny come lately or just a new rich man’s… and far from boring.

Boring boring Chelsea!…. ha ha ha. Even before Mr A’s arrival, there were 4 FA Cup finals and a Cup Winners Cup winners, we were punching our weight without having the vast wealth, we even put ourselves about a bit in the league and were so close to winning it on one occasion.

just on the funny side old Wenger boasts 1 FA Cup win in 10 years, so from Invincibles to Invisibles, and with all that money and a new stadium… long may he stay there. Our Drogba has retired more Arsenal defenders than old father time.

Even with a handicap of Grant we made two finals, with Benitez we won the Europa League, and with one of our own we won a FA Cup and the Champions League. So its no surprise being lead by the “Special Happy One” progress is again making achievements of higher standard.

However lets not get carried away, the main one is still to be won, but lets just take a look at the club overall.

1509215_10151930990986347_1079788061_nWe are making profit, yes profit…. care to remember people saying we will never break even, let alone make money. Its all rather quiet from those knockers now.

We have one of the best youth set up in Europe, sure not many are coming through to our first team, but when that is so good it will always be difficult. However that should never be a put off to young players, the percentage who come from our training to make a career in football is one of the highest around, and don’t forget the ones we have out on loan learning their trade.

Thus a little look deeper at what’s happening at Chelsea:

1st Team… League Cup and (fingers crossed) maybe another PL

Hazard PFA Player of the year ( and 6 players in the PFA team)

Ladies Top ( still very early days)

FA Youth Cup Winners ( back to back now)

UEFA Youth League Winners

Off the field… Yokohama Rubber Shirt sponsor 40M a year

We know Singha plays a role, but now to Bangkok Bank ( one of the top 4 in Thailand)

IndusInd Bank of India

Revenue is looking steady……..

What next?….. something that has been quiet of late….. The redevelopment of SB…

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