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After watching an encouraging performance against Stoke and the energetic start against the Scousers, especially going a goal up, I honestly believed we had finally, finally turned the corner. Sadly, it was a short false dawn.

Let’s get this out of the way early – I have to mention the refereeing again – no I really do; it’s getting beyond any logical explanation now. It seems to me that the men in black are purposely trying to goad Mourinho. It may not be a conspiracy but it goes against the very ethos of sport – that we are all meant to be playing on a level sports field – it really doesn’t look that way to me. Can and Lucas were very fortunate to be playing in a game within a period when the referees and governing bodies have taken it upon themselves to show Mourinho and Chelsea who run the game – and the fact that they run it in any which way that they please.

All that said, we did not lose because of the referee. We lost because the most average Liverpool side in decades (with the exception of one player) wanted it more than we did and simply played better than we did.

I believe that Willian, Ramires, Begovic and Azpilicuerta are the only players that are able to look Mourinho in the eye at the moment. The others claim they are still behind the manager but that just doesn’t show in the way they are playing. So the answer must be get rid of the manager- right? Wrong.

This team with only a few notable exceptions are not worth sacrificing Mourinho for. I’m not saying the manager hasn’t made mistakes – nobody is perfect – but we don’t know what’s going on within that nest of vipers.

Someone got it exactly right on Saturday when they said that Chelsea teams have got rid of more than their fair share of managers – and that has got to stop – now. Even Roman must see that. It keeps happening and up to now most have accepted it because we have still been winning things, but this revolving door cannot operate indefinitely – we will run out of top class managers for a start.

The transitional season for this team is well overdue – and there are obviously going to be casualties of that. Some will not want to go quietly or otherwise – which is exactly why they do need to go. If the club had backed Mourinho in the transfer market we would not be in the position that we are in now and we would be able to get rid of at least some of the worst offenders.

All that said, the deeper in the mire we get the more Mourinho’s substitutions seem to make less sense – as do some of his first team choices. I’m trying to work out whether it’s desperation, a window into what’s happening on the training field, an attempt at demonstrating how thin the squad is – I really don’t know.

However, given the vociferous vocal support for Mourinho at games it seems to me that many do still believe that it’s the players letting the manager down, rather than vica-verca. But football fans are fickle creatures and if things continue as they are, it’s inevitable that a sizeable contingent will turn against him too.

And as soon as that happens it’s all over. Perhaps if the club were to come out and give Mourinho unprecedented backing – i.e. he stays whatever happens, we may see some of the players currently letting us down, finally start putting a shift in. Abramovich was meant to be very angry when the players effectively stopped playing for Villas Boas – but that didn’t stop him sacking him – perhaps it’s time he called the players bluff.

But then maybe Mourinho wants to go. In his pre-match briefing last Friday he looked like a broken man (yet still the press baited and harangued him). These last couple of months have seen him hounded like no other manager in the history of the English game. The plight of Chelsea and specifically Mourinho has been on every back page for weeks now , it even made the evening news midweek. Stories are leaked from the dressing room while the players back him publicly – who can he trust? The stress and strain of his job is etched clearly on his face and really, how much can he be expected to take?

We now have a player who apparently would rather lose than win for Mourinho. Abramovich has the kind of resources to find out who said that; if it were me I would do just that, expose him in the press, look at some form of judicial punishment and lastly do not sell him, but make him serve out the remainder of his contract in the stiffs. Then ask the dressing room “anyone else not want to play for the manager?”

In a week where noises have been coming out of Madrid of their willingness to take Mourinho back should the opportunity arise, the man must be at least looking at his options. Problem is he is a proud man, a man previously absolutely sure in terms of his own abilities and strengths – he won’t want that reputation tainted. He will want to go on his terms. Problem is that unless something changes drastically and quickly he will have no input into his own immediate destiny.

I for one will stand alongside him until the end. The very best we have ever had. Let’s not make the same mistake twice.

Posted by Trizia

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5 thoughts on “Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

  • I watched the game and first half, apart from the goal, we didn’t have a shot. Speaking to a CFC supporting client of mine who was at the game we agreed that it seemed to be we went 1-0 up and didn’t know what to do next! Liverpool outthought and generally outplayed us, which is pretty terrible considering how average they are. Our attacking intentions just weren’t there, at one point we broke forward with 3 against 7 or 8 red shirts, other than Willian our midfield were way off the pace. Hazard’s a pale shadow of last season.
    I love Mourinho and would be gutted if he went, but what’s in it for him – more stress? Does he need that, if he can walk away with several million and reputation (pretty much) intact? Have to say the pressure’s not from the fans but the UK media – maybe he just wants to be shot of them.

  • IT would be silly for Chelsea to fire Mourinho. After firing him for the first time the club won only one more PL title. He came back, almost one it on the first time of asking and won it the second season. Now what is the point of firing such a manager? What needs to be done is to say to Chelsea players, supporters and the football audience, we are behind the manager and he has our support to root out the players not putting their shift going forward with the purpose of removing them from the club faster than they want to. Chelsea with Jose in charge will be stronger and more coherent a unit going forward after that and thence a golden generation will genuinely begin in earnest.

  • I don’t agree with everything especially the fact that Mourinho has made quite a few mistakes since the start of the season. The Ridiculous situation with our doctor was a disgrace and he never blames himself for the bad performances.. Real Madrid swap managers quite frequently and they’re doing fine why can’t we? Let him stay until the end of the season and see how we do but try to get Pep Guardiola if he wants to leave Bayern. Also which players should go in your opinion, if you make a statement name names.

  • Brian Tanguay

    I agree that the 4 players mentioned are the only ones who can honestly hold their heads up and say they have given their all. Perhaps Cahill is also among that group. I don’t know what has happened to Hazard — his loss of form is mystifying. Is it a lack of effort — or is he tired of playing for Jose? I wish I knew.

    This has the feel of a lost season. While I don’t think Jose has behaved like the Special One this year, I don’t think he should get the sack; that would be shortsighted. We need to fix what’s broken, and who better to do that than Jose.

  • Deluded. Mourinho is his own worst enemy. His treatment of his backroom staff and some players has come back to bite him and they have clearly had enough. Has Jose even once suggested he may be slightly at fault? No is the answer which is ludicrous. He is the manager and by all accounts runs a very tight ship. Yet everyone else is to blame it seems. And to come out after the game on Saturday and claim he has ‘nothing to say’ shows a complete lack of respect to the supporters. He should be saying plenty on why the league champions are in disarray and near the relegation zone. Oh and fair enough on some of the ref’s decisions, Lucas should have been sent off. But take off the blinkers… should Costa!

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