Trizia Fiorellino RIP

It is with great sadness, and a heavy heart, that I have to inform our members and fellow Chelsea supporters, that our Chairperson and great friend, Trizia Fiorellino passed away on Tuesday evening after a short illness.

I first met Trizia around 20 years ago at an Old Boys game in Mitcham and we soon became friends. In 2005 she was the main instigator along with Dave ‘urry up’ Johnstone, in setting up the Chelsea Supporters Group and soon had encouraged me to stand as Vice Chair. Over the years the CSG, through Trizia’s leadership, has been involved with many supporter issues and was a connection between the fans and the club, and achieved many things through her fantastic attitude and devotion to her position as head of the CSG

Her passing has left a huge void in our lives and we shall miss her terribly, she was larger than life and had a great welcoming personality and was always there for us when we just needed a chat. I shall remember her at every game we attend and will be looking up at her seat in the front row of the East Upper where I know she will be, in spirit, giving the team a cheer.

Our thoughts at this time now are with her partner Paul, Trizia’s mother and, her sisters Marcella and Cristina and all the family and friends. I hope as we go forward, time will relieve us of some of the hurt that is being felt by us all.

RIP Trizia my friend, always loved, always remembered. x

Peter Trenter, Co Vice Chair, CSG.

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37 thoughts on “Trizia Fiorellino RIP

  • Terribly sad, A wonderful Chelsea lady with a warm heart and personality. Trizia will be greatly missed by us all. Condolences to her partner and family from Gill, Graeme and all the Kent Blues Xx

  • Theresa Magee

    Absolutely dreadful news. The words “legend” and “proper Chels” are bandied about lightly, but totally applied to Trizia, not just in her support for the team, but the work she did for the fans. She was one of those most closely involved in the battle to keep CPO in the hands of the supporters in 2011, and the work she did then was instrumental in our success.

    Sending love and condolences to all Trizia’s family and friends at this sad time, especially Paul.

  • Voltaire

    Supporters are the heart and soul of the club… we were blessed with one who was head and shoulders above the crowd.

  • David Shonfield

    Thanks for this tribute, Peter. Trizia’s passing is so sad and shocking for those of us who knew her as a colleague as well as a friend. The extraordinary quality of her friendship was that it remained constant and caring even when we were living in different countries and saw each other intermittently rather than every week or fortnight. It was a joy to be around her. Her passion for Chelsea was unsurpassed, and she made a huge contribution to building the relationship between the club and supporters. It’s heartwarming to see that recognised by the club as well as by us.

    This brief and heartfelt tribute in the Irish Examiner also reflects how much she meant to her colleagues on the paper over the past 15 years.

    • Hashimee Ruhomutally

      What an absolute shocker to lose her so young.Please can we have a proper respectful tribute at the next home game.

  • Corby

    Yes, she was proper Chels. Done me a few favours over the years. A few years back I had 2 for Sp*rs away and found out I couldn’t go due to work. There was only one person I could offer them to, and of course she had them. RIP Trizia, thanks for the memories.

  • Andrew Yarnold

    So sad to read this. Trizia got me on board with SayNoCPO & always had time to chat with me & my Dad when we saw her. A true Chelsea Legend who will be sorely missed. Condolences & thoughts to all her family & loved ones.

  • I knew Trizia only from her actions, from afar. What a terrible surprise this is. She embodied the home grown spirit that many of us Chels fans that have left the UK shores remember and rely on. Condolences to all that truly knew her.
    Ian (Australia)

    • Paul Todd

      I was introduced to Trizia at the start of the battle for the Bridge. She was unique and stood tall. It makes my skin crawl to see the fat sycophant who did so much to divide and rule and marginalise the groups claiming she supported his behaviour. Not that I recall. Trizia, rare and one of the few. Not one to crawl and feign decency in death. She was one of the very best and will be missed.

  • Rob McGee

    What a lovely photo of her.
    I’ve known Trizia for a number of years and went to school with two of her cousins. She was always friendly and welcoming and will be missed by the entire Chelsea fraternity.
    RIP lovely lady. Sleep well. xx

  • Peter Collins

    ‘Proper Chels’ is about the most fitting tribute. So sorry to hear about this. RIP


    What terribly sad news.

    I didn’t know Trizia that well, the odd conversation and a lengthy celebration after the CPO EGM, but her passion for the club and her energy in pursuing its best interests and those of its supporters were self-evident.

    My sincere sympathies to all of her loved ones at this dreadfully difficult time.

  • Ray Clune

    RIP Trizia.

    I already missed you on Chat but now also in life..

  • Devastating news, the beautiful lady will always be missed. Her passion is full of power, give everything she can. Rest In Paradise

  • Charles Rose

    This is such sad news. A friend to many and advisor informally to myself and CPO when needed. Many of the comments reflect the affection and indeed respect in which she was held, rightly. My condolences to her loved ones. RIP.

  • Very sad to hear the news. Over the 15 years that I’ve chaired the Fans’ Forum, no one has served as a rep for longer than Trizia, adding together her various stints.

    Trizia never wavered from advocating issues of importance for supporters and was an incredibly impassioned debater.

    More importantly, Trizia was a fantastic person and it was a privilege to know her. Always funny and sharp outside meetings, often irreverent – we’ll really miss her.

    Our fans have lost one of the best.

  • Linda Martin

    I didn’t know Trizia personally but I loved reading her articles on the CFC chat site she was ‘proper’ Chelsea. So sorry to hear of her passing and so young.
    RIP Trizia and deep condolences to her family and friends.

  • Paul Jackman

    Such dreadful news. Trizia was an amazing woman, pure Chels legend. I spent many happy hours in her company when travelling to European Away games with Trizia, Paul and the rest of the mad bunch, she was something special to everyone who met her. The East Middle will be a much quieter and less knowledgable place with her not being there to support the Blues. KTBFFH

  • David Pooke

    Absolutely gutted to hear this sad news. A genuinely lovely person. Hadnt seen her in ages, but just took it for granted that if I went to an away game, I’d bump into her and Paul.
    God bless you Trizia – sweet dreams x

  • Chris Mears

    Very sad news – met her a few years ago and would see her after games in the pub – memories of being in The Directors Box with her and Peter – thoughts go out to Paul RIP

  • Terry OCallaghan

    Condolences from all at Chelsea West Midlands

  • Lovely tribute and photo and have managed to find some time at the end of the working day to shed some tears. A true Chelsea fan who also worked round the corner from me. She welcomed me to the original Chelsea Chat site 20 years ago and it was great to get to know her.

    She has some amazing photos of her being involved with Chelsea events back in the day when individuals rather than corporates sponsored players and could share a xmas table with individual members of the squad.

    I cannot believe she has passed away and I wish to pass my sincere condolences on to her family.

    Here is a great picture of her and just like many of us captured one of the greatest matches in Chelsea history – and what a fan the photographer, John Ingledew managed to capture.×2048

    • Adam Porges

      Great photo

    • Admin

      Always loved this picture, shows the passion that we all felt that night.

    • Les Creaven

      Brilliant photo

  • Celia Mindelsohn

    Absolutely devastating news. If anyone was ‘proper Chels’ it was Trizia. Such fun to be with — I remember a night in Istanbul culminating with lift from Dirty Dancing performed by the waiter. I will miss her terribly and will glance up to her seat in East Upper where I’m sure she will still be in spirit.
    Deepest condolences to Paul and her family x

  • Chris Axon

    So sad. Trizia always spoke and smiled as our paths crossed over the years. I always remember sitting next to her on the coach on the way to the Napoli stadium in 2012 and we chatted for ages about Chelsea and that city that she knew well. Those moments will be with me forever. RIP.

  • Les Creaven

    Im deeply shocked and very saddened by the news of Trizs passing, far, far too young
    I first met Triz in 1997 and cant remember a game I was at that she wasnt there, I thought I was a big Chels supporter until I met Triz, she was a mega Chels supporter
    You will be sadly missed and thoughts go out to Paul and all her family and close friends

    RIP Triz
    Carefree wherever you may be

    • Clive Tappo

      Mate they’re perfect words. I also couldn’t believe it. She was at every single game I ever went to too no matter where it was. She’s a total legend and always will be. Please pass on my condolences to Paul and Trzia’s family.

  • Michelle

    Proud to call her my friend. Heartbroken that she has gone, far too soon.

  • Joe cotter

    Legend. Bereft.

  • Kevin Ryan

    This is terribly sad. We were on the Chelsea Fans’ Forum together and Trizia always kept the Chelsea board on their toes



  • Ian Smith

    I knew Trizia for many years through the 90s. She was a friend of my ex wife. I got to know her well and went to the occasional Chelsea game together. She had a huge personality and called a spade a spade. I had alot of respect for her. She was the only one who saw me after my wife and I split up. I’ll never forget her kindness to me for that. She was a true blue through and through. I’m gutted to hear this news. RIP Trizia. My love and condolences to her friends and family x

  • Martin Connolly

    Very sad news.
    I always enjoyed her comments,
    witty funny and fearless.
    A true blue.

  • Darren Mantle

    So sad to hear about Trizia, such a genuine person, always told it like she saw it, her passion and commitment to Chelsea and was unquestionable. Never seemed to do things by half measures.

    We worked in the same industry, and Trizia would always tell me to speak to her if I wanted a new challenge, she would always ask about work and I knew she would genuinely do her best to help if I ever asked.

    Funny, warm and friendly, brilliant company in a stadium or a pub and lived life to the full. I cant imagine how much her personality will be missed by those closest to her. Thoughts with Paul and her family.

  • Mark Quinn

    Sending my condolences as a Liverpool fan and weekly reader of Trizia’s work in The Examiner for many years where she was always loyal and blue but never myopic. Trizia had an obviously strong sense of humour to match her keen observational skills and was a credit to her role at your club. Truly shocked when I read the news. Bloody tragic she was taken so young. God bless Trizia and may you rest in peace.

  • Rob allen

    RIP Trizia!
    Had not seen you since 2003……but when we connected on social media recently I had nothing but smiles thinking about how much fun you brought to every moment. I’m gutted we never met for a beer to chat footy!
    Thoughts and prayers with your family and those close to you!

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