Chelsea Football Club statement on homophobic chant decision

From the  official Chelsea FC website:

Chelsea Football Club welcomes the FA’s decision to class the homophobic chant directed at our supporters as a breach of FA rules which could lead to disciplinary action being taken. This follows the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service to class this hugely offensive chant as a hate crime.

The ‘Rent Boy’ chant is intolerable and has no place in football or anywhere else. That opposition clubs can now face disciplinary action if their supporters engage in this discriminatory and offensive behaviour is a step in the right direction. Everyone who chooses to participate in this chant must know their actions have consequences.

Alongside our No To Hate campaign, we will continue to work with the FA, the CPS, opposition clubs, and our own LGBTQI+ supporter group Chelsea Pride in the pursuit of positive change. There is plenty more work to be done, but we won’t rest until football is a game where everyone feels welcome.

Supporters are reminded they can report hate, whether experienced in the stadium or online, directly to us. Click here for more information and to report abuse.





‘Chelsea Supporters Group’ can also be found on Twitter and Facebook

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One thought on “Chelsea Football Club statement on homophobic chant decision

  • This is really ridiculous let’s be honest. It’s only a small minority who interpret the chant in such a way and it certainly isn’t clear if it is offensive. Football needs to be careful about letting a tiny amount of mainly twitter fans dictating what can and can’t be sung. The rivalry and chants are what make football so great. And most songs against opposition are far worse than this. Soon they will all be banned under this dangerous precedent

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