Lampard: What the job is and why I am here

From the official Chelsea FC website:

As he begins his second spell in charge of the Chelsea team but on different terms and with an altered job title, Frank Lampard is not seeking answers about the long-term coaching future at the club and what opportunities there may be.

Our former head coach was appointed yesterday as caretaker manager until the end of the season and all he is focusing on is success in that time span.

‘It is clear what the role is in terms of the title of the role, and I’m absolutely understanding that,’ Lampard confirms.

‘I want to do as well as I can in this period to show that I’m capable of coaching and managing really well. Then we’ll see what happens.

‘I’ve got no problems, I don’t need answers to that point [about the future]. I’ve taken the job under these conditions exactly knowing what it is. Now it’s just for me to do it very well.

‘This is a club that I’m connected to so I just want to do well in this moment and then after that of course, it may mean that I say thank you very much, I think I’ve given everything there and hopefully it is positive. And that’s it.

‘I can’t get ahead of my station at all. I’m just here to try to affect this period.

‘From a selfish reason you want to do well in this period, because I have a professional ego where I want to be the best I can be,’ he adds.

‘I want to be as good as possible but I want the feeling of being a manager here with a good group that wins football games, because there is nothing better. So that’s why I’m here.’

Continuing the theme of Lampard’s long-term and deep-felt connection to Chelsea Football Club, he explains that it played its part in why he was at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night for the Liverpool game. It was not due to his appointment to his new role. Talks on that started later.

‘I can imagine what it might look like but I can guarantee you I arranged to be at the game two weeks ago,’ he reports.

‘I hadn’t been back to Stamford Bridge for a long time. I was working for a lot of that time as well and before then there was Covid.

‘With a club where I have this affiliation, of course there is a feeling of home when you come here so I wanted to go back to a game. I was there and of course we’re here now, but that was arranged two or three weeks ago.’

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