CSG / CSC Joint Statement On Fixture Changes

‘Chelsea Supporters Club’ and ‘Chelsea Supporters Group’ together once again note that upcoming kickoff times show a thoroughly disappointing disrespect for match-going supporters.

An 8.00pm kickoff for Chelsea vs Newcastle United at Stamford Bridge on a Monday night means visiting supporters need to make alternative arrangements to travel down during a work day, and have very few options to return home via public transport on the same evening. This is not an isolated incident.

We have been in contact with Newcastle United Supporters Club, sharing in their concern, and will collaborate further on any potential future direction.

Furthermore, the uncertainty over the Chelsea vs Arsenal 12.30pm kickoff as it relates to any potential FA Cup participation once again heaps confusion and uncertainty upon supporters.

The persistent chopping and changing of the schedule to suit broadcasters has long since passed the point of tolerance and we will continue to work with the relevant bodies and organisations to continue to champion for a better and more equitable solution.





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