CSG / CSC Joint Statement On Sheffield United Away Fixture Change

Earlier this week, the Premier League announced that three Chelsea fixtures in April would move for television. Two of those three changes subsequently left supporters from both clubs involved (Chelsea vs Man Utd, Chelsea vs Everton) facing midweek journeys between London and the North West during the working week with no direct public transport available after the match.

The third of those fixtures, Sheffield United vs Chelsea, has now been subjected to a kickoff change four days after the initial announcement; an avoidable change under the reported circumstances. The match will not be broadcast live on television but has been moved to accommodate everyone except the most important people: the match going supporters.

Once again, in a season where Chelsea supporters have borne the brunt of changes introduced to satisfy a global television audience, it is these very same people who travel long hours and spend their hard-earned money on filling the stadiums to help make the Premier League atmosphere specal are the ones who suffer most.

‘Chelsea Supporters Group’ and ‘Chelsea Supporters Club’ have long since had enough, but we reiterate our collective stance that match-going supporters deserve better. We will continue to liaise with the club, the Premier League and the FSA to demand substantive and immediate changes.





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