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Chelsea Fans Forum Meeting

The next Fans Forum meeting of the season will be held on the Tuesday 26th March 2024 @ 6:30pm at Stamford Bridge.

If you would like anything bought up at the meeting please either tweet, reply or e mail to the links shown below.

Please contact us with your comments Before Friday 15th March 2024 – issues raised after this date may not be taken to the meeting.

To get your Fans Forum issues to us you can either e-mail here

Or contact us on social media via, Twitter at @CSG2005 or Facebook here

Or simply leave as a comment at the bottom of this article

Thank you

Peter Trenter (CSG Fans Forum Representative)

(Please note: The Fans Forum DO NOT discuss team matters!)




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6 thoughts on “Chelsea Fans Forum Meeting

  • Jo Murphy

    As a disabled supporter I have one plus a carers tickets for kingsmeadow and Stamford bridge.

    When I go to book away tickets or cup games I am limited to one ticket only on the computer accessed booking system and have to book over the phone. Even if I have to pay for carers away ticket I still need two tickets. Can anything be done to reconfigure the online booking for consistency.

    • Hi Jo

      Thanks very much for your support

      We will make sure your comments are bought up at the meeting




    Can you please raise with Chelsea FC club, that the new ownership have nearly destroyed the soul of the club. I have being coming to my beloved club since 1974. So I have seen if that time some bad, some average, and some very good times. Even under Ken Bates, the club and fans were together.
    The new ownership, maybe be very good money people , they have ripped this club apart, removing proper Chels people ( they will not know what proper Chels means !) The soul is going from our club, are new owners happy they have done this so quickly ?

    • Hi Andy

      Unfortunately the club ownership is not discussed at these meetings, I’m sure you understand why

      I get many responses like yours, many supporters have different views about the ‘new’ owners, you are not alone



  • Graeme Sandles

    If possible could the following please be brought up at future meetings with the owners.

    I am a member and have visited the bridge quite a lot this season (53 loyalty points) but I am really frustrated with trying to get tickets. Quite often Premier league games through the portal are very difficult to get tickets. I have had to try, and been successful getting tickets through the ticket exchange but very long winded and random.

    What I would like to see brought up with meetings with the club is two issues regarding ticketing.

    1) With limited tickets for members, the westview pricing (since its inception) is absolutely disgraceful. The facilities are not that different from other areas of the ground and the westview tickets should be inline with the east and west stands.

    2) A different system for buying tickets needs to be thought through, possibly a ballot system, or improving the existing systm so that once you get through the virtual waiting room, you should then be able to get a ticket smoothly without feling frustrated and finally finding everything is sold out.

    • Hi Graeme
      These issues you mention were all discussed at the previous fans forum ‘ticketing meeting’
      The sad matter here is, nothing will change until we get a bigger stadium, yes you can try and improve the existing system, which we talk about at every meeting and hope some of the suggestions do some good but all the time demand outstrips supply, tickets will be hard to obtain.
      Rest assurred we will continue to address this at future meeting
      Thanks for your support

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