Chelsea FC confirms approach to 2024/25 general admission pricing following consultation with Fan Advisory Board

From the official Chelsea FC website:

Chelsea Football Club today announced our approach to men’s first team general admission (GA) ticket pricing for the 2024/25 season.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our fans for your support during the 2023/24 campaign. The club has undertaken a thorough 12-month consultation process with the Fan Advisory Board (FAB) to determine the new pricing levels and has received its support for the new structure.

Adult GA season tickets at Chelsea FC have been frozen since 2011/12, meaning since 2005 season ticket prices have fallen in real terms by 34.5 per cent. The costs of operating Stamford Bridge and delivering matchdays have also been subjected to inflationary pressures, particularly in recent years – up 33 per cent since 2018.

Following a period of only three GA price increases in 20 seasons, the cost of GA tickets will increase this year by five per cent. Additionally, there will be a three per cent reduction in the season ticket holder discount across each stand versus the cost of purchasing each match individually. No fan will pay more than £4 extra per game in GA areas.

The owners of Chelsea FC are committed to building a successful and financially sustainable club and are exploring all options to grow revenues while minimising the impact on match-going fans. GA ticket prices were frozen for the first two seasons of the current ownership and the club will remain in ongoing dialogue with the FAB on plans for future years.

Last year, we said we would review the approach to concessions and the board has decided to keep the concessionary discount at 50 per cent versus full adult price for the 24/25 season.

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Chris Jurasek, Chelsea chief executive officer, said: ‘We are delighted to have had such active collaboration from our Fan Advisory Board in determining next season’s GA ticket prices. We understand the importance of balancing impact on fans with the need to do everything we can to deliver the revenue growth which will be critical to making this club successful on the pitch in a financially sustainable way.’

Neil Beard, chairman of the Fan Advisory Board, said: ‘We welcome the club’s thorough consultation with the FAB on this critical issue for supporters. Our unanimous recommendation was not reached lightly. The club shared openly with us revenue projections and the impact on Chelsea’s ability to compete. Working closely together, we looked at the long-term trends and took into account previous freezes and the rate of inflation. We made sure the financial impact on supporters was properly understood and addressed. The FAB believes this is a fair and acceptable change and we look forward to continuing to work closely and collaboratively with the club moving forward.’

Chelsea FC recognises that this price increase may be financially challenging for some fans, particularly in light of current economic conditions. Therefore, the club will continue to offer payment plans to spread the cost of season tickets across a number of months and we have decided to extend that period from six months to eight months.

The ticket exchange will be available for season ticket holders to offer their unused seats to season ticket holders and members. The ticket exchange will be available for season ticket holders to offer their unused seats to members.

The club is in the process of making final preparations for the season ticket renewal window, which is due to open in early June, with further information to follow in due course.

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