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Things Are Looking Pretty Damn Good

Look lets be honest, the past 11 years have been pretty damn good. The previous 11 to that were not that bad either, so in truth we been strutting our stuff for 20 years, so hardly Johnny come lately or just a new rich man’s… and far from boring. Boring boring Chelsea!…. ha ha ha. […]

A Study Of The Area

From the official Chelsea FC website: “A study of the area from Fulham Broadway town centre to Stamford Bridge and beyond has been commissioned by Chelsea Football Club’s owner Roman Abramovich. This study will review the potential for improvements to publicly-owned areas along Fulham Road and the area around the football ground, including the possibility […]

The Future Of Stamford Bridge

The Future Of Stamford Bridge – From the official CFC website – Click here

From Stamford Bridge To …… Where Exactly?

There has been an amazing smoke and mirrors, game going on that even David Blaine would be proud of. Why oh why such a big fuss over the CPO shares and why now? This sort of housekeeping as said by the club, should really have been attended to long ago, so what has really changed? […]

No Smoke Without Fire … Save The Bridge

Posted by Mark Worrall of ‘Gate 17’ …… …… “Despite the denials from CFC, I don’t believe there is smoke without fire … so in the event that there is … if this little protest group I have created today has a fair few thousand members it gives the mandarins at CFC something to think […]

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