Match Report: Chelsea 4 – Portsmouth 0

Jack’s report from FA Cup tie Chelsea vs. Portsmouth.

This was more than a special day for 9 year old, autism youngster Jack, as Kent Blues were so lucky to meet with some Chelsea players and the manager Andre Villas Boas.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jack and I went to see Chelsea on Sunday when they play Portsmouth.  It was called the FA Cup and I will tell you all about it.

I went to Stamford Bridge with Teacher Gill and Kent Blues Graeme. You will never guess what happened something very exciting even before we watched Chelsea team play.

We went walking all around the whole of Stamford Bridge where there are very high up seats and there was some blue and white gates and a car and the man that got out of the car was ASHLEY COLE!! number 3 and he is carrying a big bag.  Teacher Gill asked Ashley Cole if he would like to sign my shirt and he said “Yes I can do that” Ashley Cole said “are you coming to enjoy the game today?” and we said “Yes” and he stand with me and Teacher Gill so Kent Blues Graeme could take a photo.

But guess what there was much more exciting things because then some other famous Chelsea  players came and it was Paulo Ferreira number 19 and Roberto  Matteo who is the second manager he stood next to me so another man could take a picture of all us the Kent Blues.

Teacher Gill took us into a big hotel and we saw a player who used to play for Chelsea a long time ago and his name was Ron Harris and he was famous with a man who was called Chris who Teacher Gill said has written lots of stories about Chelsea football and he shooked my hand and was very smiley and said he liked my stories I have written about Chelsea.

But you will never guess the best most exciting thing I saving to tell everyone was when we went to the door outside and there was Chelsea Manager Andre!!  Kent Blues Graeme said to Andre please could we stand with him for a photo to be taken and he said “Yes of course you can do this” so I stood in front of Andre with my biggest smiley face ever because I was so happy and Kent Blues Graeme told to Andre “good luck today for Chelsea”.

All of these things happened first and then we went inside Stamford Bridge second to watch Chelsea and this is the part about the game. When Chelsea did not get a goal I was a bit worried and Andre did a lot of running up and down and pointing. Sometimes Portsmouth players got the ball and then once they tried to score a goal but it missed and Petr Cech did a good save.

Next after half time it got good for Chelsea because Juan Mata number 10 got a goal and we all jumped up and down very excited and Kent Blues Graeme said “right this is good news  just watch us get lots of goals now!”

Then after a little bit another player for Chelsea number 7 his name is Ramires he got 2 goals. I liked the second one best because Ramires ran so fast and the Portsmouth players tried to catch up but he was faster than them all and he kicked the ball right up in the air and over the Portsmouth goalie head which I think was a very clever thing to do.

Then guess what made Teacher Gill very happy and do lots of jumping about and this is when Super Frank got it was goal number 4 and we know that Chelsea have won.  I did high five with Kent Blues Graeme and when it finished we all cheered and sang the Blue is the colour song about Chelsea and afterwards we went to have a McDonalds because Teacher Gill said this is always our treat.

Today I took my pictures to show and tell in school and I got a merit certificate for my story about my special day at Chelsea.

from Jack – aged 9

Stats from the BBC website:


• 01 Cech
• 03 Cole (Bertrand 86)
• 04 David Luiz
• 17 Bosingwa
• 26 Terry – yellow card
• 07 Ramires
• 08 Lampard
• 15 Malouda – yellow card (Romeu 78)
• 16 Meireles – yellow card
• 09 Torres (Lukaku 88)
• 10 Mata


• 22 Turnbull,
• 19 Ferreira,
• 27 Hutchinson,
• 34 Bertrand,
• 06 Romeu,
• 20 McEachran,
• 18 Lukaku


• 13 Henderson
• 02 Ward
• 03 Rocha (Williams 70 – yellow card)
• 05 Pearce – yellow card
• 15 Halford – yellow card
• 04 Mokoena
• 07 Lawrence
• 08 Mullins (Huseklepp 67)
• 19 Norris
• 09 Futacs
• 18 Kitson – yellow card


• 01 Ashdown,
• 06 Hreidarsson,
• 31 Webster,
• 10 Huseklepp,
• 17 Williams,
• 26 Ben-Haim,
• 25 Mwaruwari

Ref: Taylor

Att: 41,529

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  • Well written young Jack! Glad to see you had a great day out at Stamford Bridge!
    Take care mate

    winblue Paul

  • Avanti!

    Great day out – lovely to hear it’s still a thrill to go and watch Chelsea. Can still picture the first FA Cup match I went to at Stamford Bridge (against Tottenham). Didn’t get to meet anyone though!

    • Peter T

      I’m surprised Roy Bentley never came to say hello!?

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