CSG To Meet With Metropolitan Police

“Policing at football matches is always a contentious subject – especially in recent years which has seen the police taking an ever more active role in determining kick off times and the way that some supporters travel to games, their treatment when they get there and even input into allocations.

Supporters are often frustrated as many of the decisions taken are done so with little to no input from the fans and the great majority of supporters who are well behaved suffer in terms of their match-day experience due to restrictions which would never be introduced in any other event, sporting or otherwise.

Tomorrow morning (Friday 10am) a CSG rep will be meeting with the Metropolitan Police as part of the Football Supporters Federation – if you have any questions relating to policing in football (inside or outside football grounds) please mail the Chelsea Supporters Group  here or tweet us at @CSG2005 and we will do our utmost to get all your questions raised.”

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One thought on “CSG To Meet With Metropolitan Police

  • Steve Bushell

    Hi, I never understand why we let home and away fans out of the ground together for higher profile matches. I know we have moved away from the 70s and 80s but surely for games where there is friction between opposing fans this wouldn’t be a bad thing? I have witnessed many incidents over the years when there is only a thin police line separating everyone on the concourse after the game by the Shed End exits, this doesn’t stop the abuse and once on the main road this has at times gone a step further. I would like to leave the ground with my young son without having to shy him away from the language going back and forth and having to explain away reasons for him seeing aggressive behaviour. Why is this a problem to do?

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